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Today a sanitary protocol is presented so that the boys can return to the clubs

For his part, Peralta indicated: “All this is possible. We have the political decision not only to make this problem visible, but to solve it. The protocol is a first step for children and adolescents to gradually resume their activities. “

And I add: “It is essential to think from the State policies focused on protecting the emotional and physical health of girls, boys and adolescents for this reason, in this pandemic situation, we proposed to articulate actions that prevent damage and allow the little ones to return to their normal life in the best possible way.

The protocol

The protocol is very similar to the one already handled by sports clubs and institutions, but it proposes a staggered and gradual round in phases, firstly individual sports and then group sports, the latter being based on the available outdoor spaces , the number of teachers and the group of children who practice.

Further, it establishes a shift system, which will be occupied by boys and girls whom their parents or dependent adults authorize under an affidavit.

“Once the protocol is presented, we will meet with health authorities to jointly build some details of the regulations”, added the provincial legislator. Both precursors assure that in the face of the disruption in the educational cycle that is unprecedented and, despite the efforts, significant negative impacts are expected on child development and learning, as well as on the physical and mental health of children.

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“Children and adolescents are the hidden victims of the coronavirus. Despite the flexibility of different activities, none include them. The lack of activities outside the home predisposes boys and girls to be more sedentary. ” concluded the mayor of Rosario.

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