Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018

Today, clouds are becoming more sunny as clouds form in anticipation of the storm.

The Hirshhorn Museum, November 29, chasing mailboxes via Flickr (The Hirshhorn Museum, November 29, by following mailboxes via Flickr) TODAY'S DAILY DIGIT 6/10: If only he There was less wind, more sun, and not like an average day in January. It's still good and the end of the work week is pretty bright. EXPRESS FORECAST Today: partly sunny. Tops: from the 30th to the 40th. Tonight: Partly cloudy. The lowest: 20s. Saturday: Clouds rising slowly. Tops: from the 30th to the 40th. Sunday: cloudy. Low chance of snow? Tops: mid-thirties to about 40 years old. current weather at the Washington Post headquarters. DETAILED FORECAST Although the chances of snow are low later this weekend, we continue to see that it is cold and the weather is cloudy. Stay tuned as we get closer to Sunday for forecast changes, and continue to regroup and take care of yourself during these brief days when the sun is hard to find! Get our daily forecasts on your Amazon Alexa device. Click here to find out how. Today (Friday): Sun can fight some periodic clouds, but we will take what we can get. Temperatures ranging from 30 to 40 yards for high temperatures will not give such warmth, with the northwesterly winds sometimes gusting near 15 mph at the end of the day. Bundle up! (If you were not already.) Confidence: Middle-High Tonight: A very cold night is coming. The breeze is slowly calming and the sky remains clear until maybe midnight. This helps the heat to escape from the ground, with low temperatures before dawn finally falling to nearly 20 in the coldest places, while reaching the age of 20 or over in the city. The winds are elight. Trust: High Follow us on Facebook, Twitterand Instagram for the latest updates. To learn more about traffic, check out Gridlock. Keep reading for the forecast in the next week … Tomorrow (Saturday): If you need sun to counteract this seasonal affective disorder, try to be out in the morning instead of in the afternoon because the clouds are slowly increasing. Clouds can help prevent high temperatures from rising again to the highest 40 degrees. If you have to decorate or shop, use these warm diapers! The light breeze of the northwest afternoon is not very popular. Confidence: Medium-Strong Tomorrow night: Clouds continue to increase and thicken, but some stars may flicker. Low temperatures should stay a little colder, between 20 and 25 ° C. The light breeze from the north can blow about 5 mph. Confidence: Middle-High TO MONITOR Sunday: Clouds probably dominate, but the question is whether we can extract the snow? For now, let's call 30% chance of flurries or snow flurries in the afternoon – with perhaps a 20% chance that something will accumulate, mostly south of the city. High temperatures can fluctuate between 40 and 40 degrees in the middle of the thirties. Many of these changes are subject to change. Please stay tuned while we watch the final storm track. Confidence: low to medium Sunday evening: Cloudiness persists, as is a 30% chance of snow or snow showers. After sunset, even a brief shower of snow can cause dust to fall, so consider weather conditions. Temperatures may fall only slightly in the first 20 and 30 low. Confidence: low to medium breezes and chills remain possible Monday and Tuesday. Clouds, snow flurries or persistent snow showers should leave no later than Monday morning. From 30 to 40 degrees are possible for high temperatures on Monday, and it's similar on Tuesday or a little warmer. At least we are also sunnier on Tuesday, as it appears now. We can not seem to kick this January weather pattern! Confidence: POTENTIAL SNOWFILL INDEX low to medium Daily rating of the potential of at least 1 inch of snow next week on a scale of 0 to 10. 2/10 (): Most snow accumulations can stay around Fredericksburg and to the south; but please check again to see if the track has changed at all. .

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