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‘Together we take back our freedom!’ – The Daily Standard

Thursday was a good day for supporters of Forum for Democracy. Because FVD toppers went to Tilburg for a meeting with supporters. What followed was a wonderful day, full of energy, and above all with a positive message in these difficult times.

You sometimes hear from critics that FVD would be “negative” because the party opposes the cabinet’s backward lockdown measures, and is also philosophically against the postmodernist madness. But anyone who follows the party closely knows that this is the utmost nonsense. If FVD stands for anything, it is optimism. Perhaps not for the country as a whole, but certainly for the supporters themselves. For Forumland residents.

Do not believe me? Well, just look at some images of the meeting in Tilburg. Those images say it all.

Or this one:

Here’s the long video:

If you see it that way, you immediately understand that the polls are really sch polls; totally irrelevant snapshots created by institutions that are very close to the party cartel and that have little or no understanding of the supporters of parties such as FVD. They think that FVD is sinking, standing on a seat or five or six.

I don’t believe any of that. Before the elections they talked about 2 or 3 and a maximum of 4 seats. It became 8. Now that will not be less. The turnout at meetings continues to impress; the membership is impressive; the party is alive.

Because what other party can organize these kinds of meetings and then bring together such a passionate group of people; where does the party come from?

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In my opinion, FVD will strike much harder in the municipal elections next year than the kartelistas think possible. Fortunately. Because there is no other party that works so hard, and so passionately, for our freedom!

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