Tokyo 2020: No shouting or speaking loudly in stadiums, bans

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The organizers of Tokyo 2020 contemplate banning viewers yell or speak loudly during Olympic competitions, in addition to limit entry to stadiums, among other measures to prevent contagion of covid-19.

The organizing committee of the Tokyo Games announced on Friday the measures that it has begun to discuss with the Japanese authorities to guarantee the health safety of spectators during the Olympic event, after addressing similar actions for athletes and other participants in the event.

“We want to be sure to offer the opportunity for there to be spectators in the stands, including foreign visitors,” said the executive director of the event, Toshiro Muto, today in a telematic press conference other the fifth meeting of the countermeasures coordination panel for the covid-19.

Muto specified that the final conditions for the presence of the public in the Olympic stands will be decided next spring, depending on how it evolves the pandemic in Japan and in the rest of the world and the entry restrictions to the country that the Japanese authorities apply to foreign visitors.


The amount of public that will be able to access the stadiums will be based on the guidelines of the Japanese Executive, which currently allow up to one 50% of the total capacity in the stadiums, although they have authorized to fill up to 80% of the seats in certain events as a test.

“We are going to monitor the results of these experiments and see what we can learn,” said Muto, who noted that as of today “it is impossible” to determine how much public there may be in the stands due to the pandemic situation both inside and outside Japan “is very uncertain” and can change at any time.

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PCR, mandatory

The hosts plan to carry out PCR tests on visitors upon arrival in the country and to frequently check their body temperature and possible exposure to contagions, among other measures.

The conditions of entry into Japan for foreign travelers during the Games will ultimately depend on the situation of the pandemic in their countries of origin, added Muto, noting that those from areas with high risk of contagion “will be at a disadvantage.”


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