Tom Moore, hero of the United Kingdom

“They are brave”: “They are brave”, Tom Moore said he qualified the hospital staff who helped him get cancer last year and repair his hip at the age of 98. “Fortune smiles on the brave!” “, continues the one who is centenary since Thursday, April 30.

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Faced with the coronavirus, Tom Moore displayed his courage in an effort commensurate. He set himself April 6, the goal to cover 100 times the width of 25 meters from his garden, with both hands resting on his walker, in a tie, blazer and decorations.

“Captain Tom” The challenge was to collect 1,000 books (€ 1,100) for associations linked to the public health service, the NHS. He collected more than 30 million pounds, or 33 million euros! A “hero” that we are tearing ourselves apart: two rows of soldiers at attention have framed his last meters; two planes of the second world war greeted in the sky its hundred years last Thursday; a high-speed train bears his name; the army chief raised the captain to the rank of honorary colonel.

Alone, Tom Moore gave the British a way to feel together and valiant again. “I know I speak for the whole country wishing you a very happy 100th birthday. Your heroic efforts have lifted the spirits of the whole nation. ”, welcomed Premier Boris Johnson, himself cured of the coronavirus.

Captain in the Indian army

Thomas (Tom) Moore began studying engineering before serving in India and Burma during the Second World War. After leaving the military, he worked as general manager of a concrete manufacturing company.

For 64 years, he organized the annual meeting of his regiment, the Duke of Wellington’s. He won several trophies in motorcycle races. Tom Moore had two daughters with his wife Pamela whom he married in 1968. A widower, he now lives in Bedfordshire with one of his daughters, Hannah, her husband and two of her grandchildren.

After the success of his first challenge, he took over with the British artist Michael Ball and the choirs of the NHS, the anthem and the motto of several British football clubs, “You’ll never walk alone” (You will never walk alone), from a post-war musical.

The funds raised by Tom Moore will be used for rest areas for medical staff, equipment to allow inpatients to stay in touch with their families, and volunteers who support patients after they are discharged from hospital.


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