Tom Watson has a new passion, and is looking for pioneering


Tom Watson is one of the greatest golfers in the history of sport. He won eight major championships in his career, including the five British Hospitals.

These days, however, it's not only happy to make the cut.

The cut is not at the golf competition, but the cutting that requires him to cut the head of cattle from the herd.

A Western style equestrian event is the latest Watson obsession called “cutting,” where horse and horse cattle operate during a 2½ minute performance. Judges score the sessions.

“This is my new passion,” said Watson, 69, who provided his phone to show highlights from a cut competition.

“Your goal is to separate a cow from the herd, just as you do on the range,” said Watson, who was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo. You can not guide the horse with the larger seagulls, it is part of the game. So you, the horse, and your feet control the horse. ”

It is all relatively new for Watson, the six-year PGA tour player, who is heavily involved in golf. He plays in various senior competitions, redesigning courses, and is a brand ambassador for Rolex.

This is the 10th anniversary of Watson coming to an end to win the Open Open at Turnberry in Scotland. It was 59 years of age, and he looked at the greatest winner of history. But he finished losing with Cink Stewart in four hole games.

“People ask me simple questions about it,” said Watson, sitting in the Rolex room at Royal Portrush. “Do you remember it? Are you still sorry or anything like that? , No, I'm not really. I don't think of it unless you come up. ”

Watson, who has affected the effects of Father Time at all, is beginning to feel his age on the course.

“I'm getting shorter from the tee,” he said. “It's a strong issue, I'm not as strong as I have ever been. It was clear that it was clear. My benchmark was 250 in the air, 250 yards in the air as my benchmark. I could still hit 250. You know. I think I am positioned now that I can hit 250 in the air. I would think that I can, but he's going downhill, of us. “

Still, the longevity is terrible. He directed the list of money in earnings five times. It was an icon in the 1970s and 80s, it was a major threat to the supremacy of Jack Nicklaus, and he won through a British Senior Hospital when he was in the 50s.

“My mom and my father gave me good genes,” said Watson. “I have a swing that lasts. I didn't hurt, my family was good. I have hip replacement, but the hip is only a mechanical component; it's not like a knee or a shoulder or a hand or something like that. This may end your career. Hips are quite simple. But you know that you have a long life but that I have a swing that is quite consistent. ”

His interest and participation in golf is not obsolete. But he loves the equestrian competition. He tried it for the first three years ago, taking over the interests of his wife, Hillary, who took part in shows and her famous husband watched from the stands.

“You can compete maybe once or twice a day for 2½ minutes and that's it,” Watson said. “There is a lot of downtime, and at that time I looked at the other competitors, especially the advantages. They looked at them how they do it.

“He started to attract me. And finally I got tired watching my wife and I said, agat You know what I have to do. 'And so I did it the right way. ”

He asked that he put the golf-hand system in place to cut it, he said it was about 40 when he started – in other words, terrible – but since he worked himself into 12, strong but with plenty of room for improvement.

His career earnings amount to $ 19,000, which is only $ 11,060,000 short of which they were in golf. Watson said that golfer Hal Sutton took part in the same riding competitions, earning $ 42,000.

“My goal is to overcome Hal's life earnings,” said Watson.

A man can dream.


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