Tomás Laso-Argos: "We have never given anything to anyone to advertise us"


Tomás Laso-Argos was always a search engine for business ideas. He began giving paddle lessons at the age of 14, then worked as a nightclub and as a driver at the Madrid Tennis Masters. Later he set up a brand of padel items, with rackets and personalized shirts, and then two franchises of a clothing brand. And that's when he saw the light. With what he liked to dress well, what he knew that different and quality garments were appreciated, and his contacts, his was to create the most exclusive tailoring business. And he did. It's called Absolute Bespoke and "it's a custom-made clothing service without a physical store and with a very personal service," explains Laso. In just over 8 years, it has become the Spanish brand that dresses the most powerful men in the world.

-And if there is no physical store, where are customers received to take measures?

-I receive them directly in my house. And now, for five years now, we have also been away from Spain, in the US, in New York and Miami, in London, in Bangkok, in Dubai … in many places. And what we do when we travel abroad is the same: that the client feels the same experience as when he comes here to my house. We receive them in a hotel, we take a large room, with a large room and it is the same idea that we have here: everything we do to measure. In addition, we have a consulting service for people who want us to help them get dressed and we decorate entire cabinets. That is, we do a little bit of everything, the 360 ​​degrees, around men's clothing.

-Well, there's nothing done and customers have to go to their house or a hotel somewhere in the world, but how do they find you? It is said that you do not count where you are! Is there a password?

-They say everything! What happens is that I do not put the address anywhere, that's true.

– How do you contact you then?

-We have many people who have already dressed with us or who access through the website or Instagram, which is now a very strong tool of ours. There is a contact email and of course a phone. And then we call them directly, and we explain what we do, because there are even people who contact us who do not know it well. That is one of the mistakes that we have to correct, so that they know, from the beginning, that everything is made to measure and that it has some times. In short, we contact them, we explain how we work and we make an appointment. And there they come home, as if they were in theirs. That's the idea.

– Is a fortune paid for such exclusivity?

-We are expensive depending on the product you are looking for. Obviously they are not everyday costumes, for everyone. It is something very special. Capricious clothes. I would love to make clothes for everyone every day, but … I do not know if it's expensive, it depends on what you look for.

-The ones looking for them seem to be able to afford it. They have among their clients elite athletes, big businessmen, personalities …

-We have from personalities completely anonymous to personalities like, what do I know, Salah, for example, the Liverpool player, and other athletes. We never label or put on who we wear unless they put it on. We want you to understand that we do not intend to turn them into our showcase, but to feel at home. Here, who comes to get dressed, gets naked from the minute one, literally. It's to dress with clothes, of course, but you create a relationship with them that goes beyond the costume itself. In the end I think we got that mutual trust. We do not advertise with them and we have never given anything to anyone to advertise our clothes. I think we would lose courage.

-What catches my attention is that you are not a tailor. Nor was anyone in his family. His only contact with clothes was his devotion to the Hollywood costumes of the 40-50s, right?

-I loved how they dressed in Hollywood and how my grandfather dressed, just that, yes. I always say that I'm not a tailor, I'd like to. But I love the world of tailoring and I have the best people working with me who understand the concept of the suit I want. I do not know how to sew a suit, but I have learned that design over time or how to apply a specific pattern to each client that helps and stylizes it. Our clothes are very identifiable and most of our customers come because they like what they see and they know that they do not find in a normal store, but here the one who comes designs the suit that he wants. And they like that. We try to make the service even more enjoyable.

-How it all started?

-After assembling two franchises of a clothing brand I understood how the textile business worked and I realized that if you want to start a company with zero resources, as banks do not help much, the important thing is not having stock and making an investment minimal And for me the business of tailoring united everything: clothes, that I love, personalized things, from scratch and without stock, and the possibility of doing it without investing in a store. I started going to the houses with a tailor. The technical part was made by him, the fun of public relations, colors and combinations, me. And until now, only today in my house.

-Do men already have as many options to dress as women?

-Not at all. The man does not have all the range that the woman has. Both stores, as colors. But there are different fabrics and shapes that can be adapted to what each one wants. Here we offer them all and in a very personal way. Those who come tend to repeat and if they were not happy they would not repeat, right?



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