Tommy Wiseau added himself to the suicide squad collection, due to the course


Writer-director James Gunn recently announced that he has recently produced the full film Suicide Squad. It is an excellent list of names including folded favorites from David Ayer Suicide Squad as well as many new faces. However, one person found a large deficiency in the cast list. Tommy Wiseau is that person, who added Suicide Squad cast, of course he did. Look:

Tommy Wiseau seems to have been working on his Photoshop skills. The writer, director and worst star ever The room, I accepted him Twitter enter his name correctly into a cast cast James Gunn Suicide Squad. And because his forte isn't exactly the same, Tommy Wiseau put his name on top of the last list; it is after all.

In order to hide Tommy and maintain the uniformity of the original notice, Tommy Wiseau had to replace his name. So how would Wiseau consider the most impossible? Apart from Captain Boomerang himself, Jai Courtney was thrown to the right of the cast list to make room for Tommy.

This does not mean that Tommy Wiseau is trying to build Jai Courtney as a Harkness Digger. Tommy Wiseau was very vocal in the past because of his desire to play the Joker, even going as far as a fun listening tape to do in full manufacture to show what he could do with the character. Tommy Wiseau also offered his own constructive criticism of Jared Leto de Clown Prince of Crime's illustration i Suicide Squad.

With Jared Leto absent from the cast list for Suicide Squad, which the DC fans did not pretend, Tommy Wiseau could look at the appearance and start the role while Jared Leto from a live vampire plays in Morbius. As with his attempt to enter Todd Phillips; Joker I don't think his chances of going well are good.

Joker doesn't seem to be part of it Suicide Squad and does not seem to be in the future Birds of prey. Jared Leto has said that he wants the character to play again but when it happens then guess anyone at this point. But even if the Joker part is not available for Tommy Wiseau into Suicide Squad, maybe his campaign will pay another way.

If there was a comic book that Tommy Wiseau could show everyone in a friendly and fitting assembly, a film from James Gunn would seem very likely, because of the intent. by the writer. So if Tommy Wiseau is to shoot his shot to be in comic book movie, Suicide Squad or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 it may be the best options.

Suicide Squad It opens in theaters on August 6, 2021. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of what's coming out here and the latest movie news, wait with CinemaBlend.


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