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toothpaste would protect us from the virus

A researcher at the University of Bristol said toothpaste can protect us from covid-19. Explanation.

Morning and evening, we must brush our teeth to avoid dental complications. If some people sometimes forget to clean their mouths, know that several solitons exist to disinfect you and refresh the mouth: oral sprays, mouthwashes, etc. What if we told you that toothpaste and mouthwashes could “ward off covid-19”?

Professor Martin Addy, University of Bristol, claimed that toothpaste contained the same chemicals as the antibacterial hand gel. A good disinfectant therefore, which can be very effective IF you brush your teeth.

This could kill the coronavirus if it gets into the mouth, preventing it from replicating and causing disease. It might protect others by reducing the viral load in the mouth, which research shows may be related to how contagious a person is.

Toothpaste contains the same detergents found in recommended hand washing gels. The antimicrobial action of toothpaste in the mouth persists for three to five hours and, therefore, would reduce the viral load in the saliva or infection with viruses entering the mouth. For the vast majority of them, the time to brush their teeth should be the same as they are about to leave their home for exercise or errands.

He explained at the microphone of Telegraph.
According to him, people who do not brush their teeth before each of their outings would be “much more exposed” than other ex: old people who have their teeth washed by caregivers.

How to transmit the coronavirus?

Coronavirus transmission occurs through micro goutelettes clinging to surfaces, that is to say not small postilions expelled by a cough or a sneeze. If you brush your teeth, the toothpaste would therefore be a barrier to germs.

In theory, this would reduce the risk of disease, but this has not yet been proven.

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