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Totalcar – Magazine – Austrian plant opened, chip shortage can be alleviated in Europe

On Friday, the German semiconductor technology group Infineon Technologies AG, commissioned a € 1.6 billion power electronics chip plant in Villach, Austria.

Infineon’s chip plant is one of the largest microelectronics investments in the entire euro area. The plant will primarily manufacture special power electronics semiconductor circuit units used in electrical mobility, solar cell units and wind turbine equipment.

“The opening of the plant is a milestone in Infineon’s life and also very good news for our customers. Given the growing global demand for power electronics chips, it could not have come at a better time,” said Reinhard Ploss of Infineon Technologies AG. Chairman of the Management Board.

After a three-year preparation and construction phase, the plant began operations three months earlier than planned. The first products will be ready in the plant in a week. In the first phase of the plant’s construction, it will focus mainly on meeting automotive demand and component requirements for server centers and solar and wind energy equipment. The new plant will increase Infienon’s turnover potential by two billion euros a year.

Sabine Herlitschka, CEO of Infineon Austria, said the investment has created four hundred highly skilled jobs in IT, electronics, technology and other engineering fields, most of which have already been filled.

The situation on the world market for semiconductor circuits is a good example of the need for investment in this innovative key sector. By now, microelectronics has become the dominant key technology in the world economy, on which all other technological developments rely as part of the overall digital endeavor. By building its production capacity in Europe, Infineon has taken a major step forward in strengthening security of supply for European industry.


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