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Totalcar – Magazine – The first Lotus luxury store has been shown

They no longer hide the key to Lotus ’future, the sporty-lined SUV, about which perhaps the most important new information is that it is a huge vehicle that is not particularly practical compared to its size.

This suggests, at the very least, that the car is 5,103 meters long, 2,231 meters wide with conventional mirrors, 1.63 meters high and has a wheelbase of 3,019 meters and offers four seats and 400 liters of luggage space. Of course, this is by far the most family-friendly Lotus ever made, but based on the data, good space utilization was not a primary design consideration here either.

As far as the technical content is concerned, only approximate data have been provided so far: acceleration in 3 seconds per hundred, peak power over 600 hp, range over 600 km and battery capacity over 100 kWh will characterize the finished car. The drive will be a purely electric 800 V system, and the battery pack will be able to be charged quickly at 350 kW, of course if there is a DC charger of this capacity nearby.

More important than the exact specifications, the new Lotus will come with a sensor system that supports full self-driving, a sophisticated camera system and a laser scanner, and its software will be able to be updated remotely, meaning that accessing and dropping Tesla is included in the deck.

In the design of the interior, it can be seen that the American electric cars could be used as an example for the designers: the puritanical shapes and the user interface simplified to a single huge central touch screen also indicate this. In addition, of course, there will be hidden handles on the huge Lotus SUV, and the side mirrors can be replaced by cameras if someone orders their car this way.

The uncomfortable issues have not been addressed at all so far. Lotus, for example, listens deeply to how difficult Eletre is. The brand new aluminum platform on which it is based would in principle provide an opportunity to be lighter than the competition, but given the size, battery capacity and other technical solutions listed, it is still unlikely to come out below two tonnes empty. This is obviously really interesting in light of the fact that the number one car building principle of Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus, was just to make it easy to build and then take some more weight out of it.

There was no mention of prices either, the traditionally well-informed Autocar also writes that the standard output is expected to be below 100 thousand British pounds (about 43 million forints), although a low price is obviously not expected for a Lotus.

The new Lotus Eletre is, of course, far more important to the brand than most new models: three more models will build on its technical foundations in the future, and it clearly symbolizes a break with most of Lotus ’traditions. But that’s why it’s not clear that it will be enough for Lotus to put a more expensive and less practical, albeit clearly more spectacular, Tesla Model X rival on the table. Incomplete data suggest that this doubt may be present in factory professionals as well.

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