Touch ID could soon make a comeback

Apple’s fingerprint reader would be placed under the screen.

This year again, Apple’s new smartphones skipped Touch ID. Since the iPhone X, this has become the norm for Apple, but that could well change. The Cupertino company could well revive Touch iD from its ashes on its smartphones to believe the leaker L0vetodream.

According to him, the American company is actually working on the return of the fingerprint reader, but in a new form. It would be placed under the screen. IPhone owners could thus opt for either facial recognition, Face ID, or digital recognition, Touch ID, for unlocking – in addition to the traditional security code. Some users still struggle with using their face to secure their smartphone.

In addition, by doing so, Apple would finally catch up on this. Several smartphone manufacturers have already opted for a fingerprint reader under the screen. And although Apple has stood out with Face ID, it would be nice if the company could offer its customers a choice. Finally, the Californian company could also opt for the integration of Touch ID on the “power” button of the iPhone, as on its new iPad Touch 4.

It remains to be seen if this will be for the iPhone 13 or later.

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