Tour de France 2019: "Alaphilippe is a very great champion", Judge Bardet


At the foot of his bus, Romain Bardet calmly unrolls his legs in front of his home-trainer congratulating his teammates for having managed a day that promised to be tricky. At this moment, he learns that not only did Alaphilippe win the stage but that he also took the yellow jersey. The leader of AG2R did not hide his admiration.

What did you think of the performance of Julian Alaphilippe?

ROMAIN BARDET. Hat to him. You could see live that he made a very big number. In the bumps behind, it was not fun and he … In fact, to tell you the truth, I did not see him attack at the pace we were going. Alaphilippe is a very great champion. He really had that in mind. But between thinking about it and doing it, there is a big gap anyway. It's even stronger.

You had a word of astonishment and admiration while learning, in front of your bus, the performance of Alaphilippe …

Yes, I was really surprised. Because in the bumps there was a nice skimming and I had the impression that it went up quickly (smiles). Me, I managed to hold all alone and he held it in front. Frankly hat.

What do you remember from your day?

It was very beautiful through the vineyards but also very very rough. A stage worthy of a beginning of Tour with a lot of nervousness. The course was chosen to be explosive. We are very much in the squad to employ. Apparently Julian made a big number in front. We were fighting behind. It was not easy. It was necessary to go forward for the rest of the Tour after the blow of club on the head of the eve I have not run since early June and I am looking for my feelings but it seems to go. I can not wait to be in the Vosges.

You talk about "clubbing" after the team time. Is this really how you feel it?

Of course. Morale has been affected. When we are among the favorites for the Tour de France, finishing 19th on 22 team time can not be satisfactory. I wanted to show another face today.


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