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Tour de France postponed to late August

This year’s Tour de France was canceled on Wednesday due to the coronavirus pandemic and was postponed to late summer. The world association UCI announced on Wednesday. The tour of France should now start in Nice on August 29 and end in Paris on September 20. The tour of France was originally planned from June 27th to July 19th, but there are no events in France until mid-July.

The UCI also announced that the dates of the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta should be adapted to the new Tour de France timetable. The tour of Spain was supposed to take place from August 14th to September 6th. Now there are considerations to hold the race from October 3 to 25, but then possibly at the same time as the Giro d’Italia, the newspaper “El Pais” reported.

“We will adjust the dates set for the tour to those of the Vuelta, but we know that these are always preliminary, as they depend on government decisions and the fight against the corona virus,” the usually well-informed newspaper quoted a Vuelta source . However, as always, the cycling world association has the last word.

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