Tour of Groningen: The UMCG also warmly welcomes Arjen Robben

It is difficult to trace who made it and who was first publicly distributed. But it is still a funny Photoshop – the UMCG that hung the ‘Welcome back Arjen’ banner, after it was shown in the Euroborg on Sunday afternoon.

Every weekday at 9 p.m. RTV Noord puts the best and most remarkable (social media) messages from the City and Ommeland in a row. Due to the amount of messages, this article may take longer to load.

1) The UMCG also welcomes Arjen Robben

Well, besides the Euroborg, Arjen Robben could also come here regularly …

2) Awakening in Veendam

Then your day will start well.

3) Kraantje plays home games

Alex van der Zouwen plays no less than five times in the Oosterpoort in Groningen.

4) Abbey Aduard for president!

Marius nominates Aduard for a World Cup for medieval abbeys, even though, according to Rutger, it is not entirely certain whether it is a Frisian or Groningen achievement.

5) Just roll up the grass

To make way for a new artificial grass surface. They are busy with it at SJS Stadskanaal.

6) Looking back on Sunday’s protest for Moria?

This is possible thanks to YouTuber Obed Brinkman. He filmed Sunday’s protest on the Grote Markt for more than an hour. The protest was for the reception of the refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos.


7) When the cycle cycles

Thanks to Mike, his mom and the thrift store, furniture gets another chance. It remains a great initiative.

8) Smash it

The red beech in Pieterburen. Nominated for the most beautiful tree in the Netherlands, partly thanks to the colorful neighbors, a medlar and a goudes. You can still vote!

9) Dragonflies everywhere

If they are there, you cannot overlook them, due to their size and fast floating back and forth. Ina has a true invasion.

10) Tammo cracks Frisians

And our western neighbors of Omrop Fryslân have noticed that.


Just chugging through the province, ehh tukken., Ehhm tuk-tuks, no, tuk-tuks …

There is Rondje Groningen every weekday at 9 p.m. See you tomorrow!


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