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Toyota Aygo X | Lead

Building on the modular GA-B floorboard of the Yaris and Yaris Cross, the Aygo X, Toyota’s newest, smallest recreational vehicle. Although the 3.7-meter vehicle is a pound longer than the second-generation Aygo (3465 mm) built with Peugeot and Citroën, its wheelbase has been increased by 90 mm and the body has been 125 mm wider (1740 mm). As a result, the front seats could be installed more airily, resulting in 45 mm better shoulder space.

In the first half of the distribution, Cardamom painting, fooled with orange decor elements, will be available

The height is 153 cm instead of 146, and this has been almost entirely translated to increase the seat height (+55 mm), meaning a much better view from the car. The steeper A-pillar also contributes to this, while boarding (and parking) is made more comfortable by a free clearance of 11 mm. We conclude the comparison of sizes with the trunk: with its 231 liters it is still not huge, but if we know that less than 170 liters were available in the runway Aygo (i.e. capacity increased by about 33%), we immediately learn to appreciate this little.


A car designed for young people today cannot miss the expensive but fashionable option of two-tone painting. Aygo X will be available in color combinations named after different spices, from cardamom (green) to chili (red), ginger (beige) to juniper (blue). These color themes also resonate in the interior.

Underwater under four meters is the Toyota Aygo X 3

The front overhang is 72 mm shorter than the Yaris, the wheels can be up to 18 inches

The purely electric powertrain would have given itself up as an urban vehicle, but Toyota didn’t commit to it because of the high cost. So what remained was the one-liter, three-cylinder, variable-valve petrol engine, whose basic design already drove the first-generation Aygo.

Crossover under four meters is the Toyota Aygo X 4

The 72-horsepower powerplant with a maximum torque of 93 Nm is connected to a five-speed manual or continuously variable (CVT) automatic transmission. The vehicle accelerates to 100 km / h in 15.6 seconds with a vehicle mass of around one tonne, a top speed of 158 km / h and an average consumption of 4.7 liters / 100 km. The data for the CVT transmission version (151 km / h, 15.5 sec, 4.9 l / 100 km) are similar.

Crossover under four meters is the Toyota Aygo X 5

The car has also become quieter, and for fun we can also request a 300-watt JBL audio system – though, with its 200mm subwoofer, there’s not much room left in the trunk.

The Aygo X also offers a 9-inch touchscreen, a cordless phone charger, and a cloud-based navigation system – the latter also means the small car can connect online, allowing remote monitoring of smartphones on the one hand and wireless updating of on-board software on the other.

Underwater under four meters is the Toyota Aygo X 6

The Aygo X also offers LED luminaires, a camera- and radar-based active collision avoidance system, as well as an adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping function.

Finally, let’s mention the cutest feature of the Aygo X: a sliding sunroof complete with a wind deflector that reveals an even larger opening than the same solution as the second-generation Aygo.



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