Toyota Mirai has a new record in the range of hydrogen. She drove almost 1,360 km to the reservoir

The experienced crew managed to achieve a double range per gallon of fuel than stated in the official certification.

Electric vehicles using a fuel cell system instead of batteries belong to the oppressed minority, but they are constantly proving that they have their advantages. The best known, of course, is the speed with which they refuel, but Toyota is also trying to impress with its range.

That is why the carmaker has installed an experienced crew in the new generation of the Mirai hydrogen model, consisting of driver Wayne Gerdes and co-driver Bob Winger. If these names don’t tell you anything, then it’s worth remembering their record-breaking drive from 2015, when they covered a distance of 13,250 km behind the wheel of a VW Golf TDI with an average consumption of 2.89 l / 100 km.

The pair thus hold the record for the lowest consumption with a non-hybrid car overseas when driving through 48 US states, which took them a total of 16 days. This time, the crew set out on a shorter route, but it still took two days and the crew definitely did not make anything easier.

During the first day, Gerdes and Winger set out from the Toyota Technical Center in Gardena, California, on a route to San Ysidro, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Malibu Beach, and the famous Pacific Coast Highway. In the evening, after two exchanges behind the wheel, the pair returned to the center of Toyota with a raid of 473 miles.

The next day, the pair set out on several city circuits in the area, during which the Toyota Mirai also had to intertwine with the noon rush hour on the highway between Los Angeles and Orange County. The car remained on the route as long as it had hydrogen left. In the end, however, he managed to get back to the TTC with an impressive 845 miles – about 1,359.9 kilometers.


The Toyota Mirai used a total of 5.65 kilograms of hydrogen while driving, and the only emissions were ordinary water. The average consumption according to the American standards was 152 MPGe, ie 152 miles per gallon, while the stated consumption according to the American EPA standard is 76 MPGe for the XLE version. The pair actually reached twice the range per gallon of fuel during the test.

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With regard to the test conditions, when the car did not avoid even driving in a traffic jam, these are very impressive results. It took only five minutes to fill the car with fuel before the start. In addition, representatives of Guinness World Records also supervised the accuracy and authenticity of the entire test at all times.


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