Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

Traffic, rain and subway stops create an ideal storm for commuters

Lori Aratani Reporter, a specialist in transport, including airports, airlines and the country's rail and metro systems, on November 9 at 22:08. Rain, weekend holiday and closing of two key metro stations on Friday night, to create chaos for commuters and travelers back and forth from Reagan National Airport. Frustrated and impatient, commuters and travelers seemed to blame most of the responsibility for the closure of the Crystal City Tube Stations and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport for what various Twitter messages called chaos. , absolute chaos, congestion and "total disorder". designed to bridge the gap between the blue and yellow lines due to planned closures of repair stations. However, rain and more intense traffic disrupted the schedule, delaying buses, making them wait a long time, cluttering the roads and apparently forcing taxi passengers to get out and walk. "The airport is teeming with stranded passengers," a Twitter user wrote. "The roads are at a standstill" while passengers "run from Crystal City" to the airport to catch the plane. Metro said that a mix of traffic and weather conditions hampered commuter operations. "We apologize," he said. .

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