Trafficking in endangered species is doing well, thank you!

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While scientists are alerting us to the accelerated disappearance of biodiversity, reading The Atlas of the Endangered Species Business that the Robin des Bois Association has just published, published by Arthaud, is chilling.

Elephants, rhinos, tigers, donkeys, turtles, pangolins, butterflies, fish … the business of animal extinction spreads its web over the whole earth with an annual turnover estimated at at least 14 billion euros and growing by 4% to 5% per year !!! Until when ?!?

Guests :
Charlotte Nithart of the Robin des Bois association
Benoît Doamba, Director of Wildlife and Hunting Resources in Burkina Faso
Joseph Okouyi Okouyi, executive secretary of the Gabonese National Parks Agency.

To find out more: Robin des Bois Association

(Replay of November 15, 2019).


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