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Tragic! Italian Ambassador to Australia Falls from Balcony


The Italian Ambassador to Australia, Francesca Tardioli, was found dead outside her home in Umbria, Italy. Tardioli is believed to have fallen from the balcony of his own house.

As reported The Guardian, Monday (21/2/2022), local media reports said Tardioli (56) was found dead after allegedly falling from the third floor balcony. The incident is being investigated further by Italian police.

“He allegedly lost his balance while leaning on his balcony,” the Italian news agency said. AGIin his report.

This sad news was conveyed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an official statement.

“With deep sorrow we mourn the passing of Francesca Tardioli and also mourn with her family. She is a great diplomat and national servant,” the Italian Foreign Ministry said in a statement via Twitter.

Tardioli has served as the Italian Ambassador to Australia since September 2019 and is known to be fluent in English and French. He is also said to have good knowledge of German and Spanish.

It also stated that Tardioli joined the Italian National Diplomatic Service since 1991.

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