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Tram: the opening of Place St-Lambert is coming soon! – DH/Sports+

The construction of the tram in Liège has been a long and frustrating process for the residents of the city. As they observe the slow progress of the work, it becomes clear that there is still much to be done. nonetheless, upon closer inspection, it is revealed that significant steps will be taken in the coming weeks, particularly in the hypercentre of Liège. These developments promise to improve mobility in the city before the end of the year. One such improvement is the release of the entrance to Saint-Gilles for the fair, which was initially due for this summer but will now be effective by the end of September. Another eagerly awaited change is the liberation of Saint-Lambert and Market Square in time for Christmas. Although there is still work to be done, the finishing touches and layout of the square are expected to be completed by the end of November, allowing for the removal of the construction site.

The days follow one another and look alike along the (long) construction site of the tram in Liège. And for the unfortunate Liégeois who scrutinizes the progress of the work, it is clear that the situation does not seem to be changing quickly. Observing in more detail the interactive map of the progress of the work on the site of the site elsewhere (letram.be), the curious will not be able to rejoice much more. Other than the rue Léopold axis, the park and ride facilities installed at the end of the line (Droixhe and Sclessin) and a few rare sections in the Coronmeuse district, nothing seems to be “stamped” with the green “work completed” banner.

But on closer inspection, several important steps will nevertheless be taken in the weeks to come, in particular in the hypercentre of Liège. Enough to give a little air to mobility in Liège at the start of the school year and between now and the end of the year. This will notably be the case on Place Saint-Lambert and at the Pont d’Avroy-Saint-Gilles crossroads.

Entrance to Saint-Gilles released for the fair

At the end of May, Tec and the manufacturer of the tram announced this new phase of the construction site, at the level of the intersection formed by the boulevards of Avroy, de la Sauvenière and the streets Pont d’Avroy and Saint-Gilles: rue Saint-Gilles should no longer be accessible from Boulevard d’Avroy; Compulsory detour for traffic by making a U-turn a few hundred meters further on Boulevard de la Sauvenière. A situation that is congesting traffic but which should soon be resolved.

Initially due for “this summer”, the opening of the Saint-Gilles crossroads should finally be effective by the end of September. At the communication cell of the tram, we are confirmed that the crossroads will be cleared for the opening of the fair. “The laying of the railway tracks should continue until mid-August”we are told “as well as the development work (edges, coatings, wiring, etc.), until the end of September”.

Still at this crossroads, it is specified that the work on the station “Pont d’Avroy and the development of the square are planned until the end of October 2023”.

Tram works at the Saint-Gilles crossroads. ©Timmermans
Tram works at the Saint-Gilles crossroads. ©timmermans

Saint-Lambert and Market Square “liberated” for Christmas

positive news also on the side of the Place Saint-Lambert. If the heart of the Ardent City has indeed looked like a war zone for many months and pedestrians are confined along the shops and the Saint-Lambert gallery, we are also announcing something new for the end of the year. Here, the laying of the railway tracks and the finishing touches are still in progress until September. Subsequently, the layout of the square and the paving will be carried out and should be finished by the end of November. This will therefore make it possible to free up Place Saint-Lambert from this construction site. nonetheless, this does not concern the Tec roundabout, which should be built “after the Christmas Village”. “Meetings with the village organizer are due to ensure proper preparation for the event”we still specify to the communication cell.

Finally, it should be noted that, while the work at rue de Bex and place du Marché will not be finished by the end of the year, an agreement with the local authorities should ensure that the place du Marché is freed up, for the organization of the Christmas Village… the area will be temporarily covered to allow the organization of the event.

Work on the tram at Place Saint-Lambert. ©Timmermans
Work on the tram at Place Saint-Lambert. ©Timmermans

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