TRANS TV Schedule Today Wednesday, November 4 2020: There is Film Red 2 and Act of Valor

DIY NEWSTrans TV“> Cinema Trans TV is a program that is eagerly awaited because every day it presents shows film which is attractive to loyal customer viewers Trans TV at home.

Today’s schedule Trans TV“> Cinema Trans TV showing two film abroad entitled Red 2 and Act of Valor.

Red 2 is a film a 2013 production game that follows a retired CIA officer who tries to uncover a crime smuggling nuclear weapons in Russia.

While, film Act of Valor is a film 2012 which tells the story of the journey of the American Navy who is on a special mission to chase a dangerous terrorist group.

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Besides events Trans TV“> Cinema Trans TV, the audience can watch other programs that are served Trans TV, here is the schedule of the event:

05.00 WIB Islam is Beautiful

06.30 WIB Insert Morning


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