Travel ban announced by Scott Morrison

The advice to Australians not to travel abroad will become a travel ban, starting tomorrow.

Announcing a series of new measures and restrictions designed to curb the country’s coronavirus epidemic, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced tonight that Australians would no longer be able to leave the country.

“Previously we received a warning not to travel for smart travelers in terms of all overseas travel, which will turn into a ban,” said Morrison.

“People shouldn’t be doing it right now, that’s the advice. Nobody should get on a plane and go abroad. We have clarified the point for some time.

“Management is being processed overnight. As soon as the direction is signed by the Minister of Health, it will come into force then and it will happen tomorrow. “

He said the directive includes exceptions that include people who provide aid to the Pacific, compassionate travel and essential business travel.

Morrison said the ban is needed because of a small number of Australians who challenge the council. He said he was impressed by how many Australians were still going overseas, even though the number had “shrunk dramatically”.

“The number of people and the number that are leaving Australia is now very, very low. However, I am struck by the fact that there are people who challenge that advice and try to go abroad for leisure travel, “said the Prime Minister.

“They can’t, because when they come home they put Australians at risk. I thought he would be fully respected and the Australians are good enough, but we have to put the agreements in place.”

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Morrison also had harsh words for Australians returning to the country who were breaking self-isolation rules.

“All those who are coming – and the numbers that are coming, are falling every day – all are required to isolate themselves from the public health order at the state level. They are required to do it. It’s the law, “he said.

“That’s where they have to go. That’s where they have to move immediately, don’t go through the shops, don’t go in and see a friend on the way home, don’t go for a walk in the park.

“Go straight home and isolate yourself for 14 days. This is the law. This is the greatest protection we have. This applies to every institution, every Australian, returning citizen or resident. “

Professor Brendan Murphy, Chief Medical Officer, echoes Morrison’s disappointment, calling for the return of Australians to “stay home”.

“Don’t go anywhere on the road from the airport or cruise ship or wherever you come,” said Professor Murphy.

“It is so important. The other important thing, if you are identified as a case contact and you are told by a state and public official, and you are told to isolate for 14 days, you must isolate. “

The professor. Murphy said some people were told they had tested positive for the virus, but they were still stopping at the supermarket or chemist on their way home.

“If you are isolating yourself because you are a positive case or you are a contact, go home and isolate yourself and respect these rules. This is a very, very important part of the control,” he said.


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