Travel: Belgium and France are going orange, what does that imply? (menu)

The colors of the map, updated weekly by the ECDC, are important as they determine the travel conditions of most countries.

Lhe European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has updated the map of colored areas of European countries. Several countries have changed color and gone orange or green. This is particularly the case of Belgium and France which are now orange. In addition to our country and France, Catalonia and Castile in Spain are going orange again, part of Italy is going green, Greece is now colored orange and green while all of Poland is going green.

The colors of this map are important since they determine the travel conditions of most countries. Belgium is therefore also relying on this to give its own instructions.


Travel conditions by color zone

For countries in the green and orange zone, quarantine and tests are no longer mandatory on return. To get there, you must follow the rules in force on site. If you come back from a red zone, you will have to observe a quarantine. From July 1, you will no longer be obliged to do one if you have the European digital pass proving that you have been vaccinated for at least two weeks, that you have carried out a negative PCR test within 72 hours or that you are in possession of a certificate of reinstatement.

Finally, for so-called “high-risk” countries or in which there is a worrying variant, quarantine is mandatory for 10 days. You will also need to perform a PCR test on the first and seventh days of quarantine. Whether you are vaccinated or not.

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