Travel to the Moon for free? Billionaire looking for 8 people to ride SpaceX

Yusaku Maezama is the first client from Elon Musk’s SpaceX company, which aims to be the first private passenger to go to the Moon in 2023. However, you don’t want to go alone and now busca 8 people to complete the team, as reported on the website.

“I invite you to join me in this mission. 8 of you from all over the world, “wrote the businessman in a new video posted on his social networks.

In 2018, the Japanese bought all the seats aboard the rocket from SpaceX to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to see the Earth’s satellite.

At the beginning I had the intention of inviting artists, to do an inspiring work when they returned from the Moon, but their ideas have changed over time.

Even, Yusaku Maezama is remembered for creating a ‘reality’ to get a girlfriend, whose one of his first gifts was to travel to space. However, and although more than 27,000 women signed up, the businessman repented and stood up to all those candidates.

The Japanese also became known around the world in early 2019 because he promised to distribute a million dollars among the people who follow him on Twitter and share a message in which he celebrated that his company had reached 10 billion yen in sales.

Now, in his new proposal, in which Maezawa seeks 8 people to accompany him to the moon, says he will only evaluate 2 criteria for choosing the crew, who have time to apply until March 14.

The first is that those chosen must have the “potential” to direct what they do in life for the benefit of society and the second is that potential candidates are willing to work as a team and support the other members of the crew. Maezawa on his social networks.

As has been known, the first commercial flight to orbit the Moon would last about a week: 3 days to go and another 3 to return.

Japanese billionaire wants to take 8 people to the moon


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