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Trevor Noah lectures on Chris Cuomo after the journalist apologizes




CNN anchor Chris Cuomo got heated exchange with heckler after being called "Fredo."

Trevor Noah has some advice words for CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who apologized Tuesday after a vision to capture him threatening a heckler called "Fredo,"

"If you talk to him litter on the streets, the only thing he could break is your face," cracked on Noah "The Daily Show. "

Noah said that he could understand how Cuomo thought “Fredo” was “Italian negative stereotype” – but he also found that he was counter-productive that he chose the physical reaction he chose also it appeared to be Italian negative stereotype. ”

Noah then called the correspondent Roy Wood Jr to ask the term "Fredo", as Cuomo claims, that the word N-word is a racist slur. In response, the black comedian was not just staring down the camera.

After he has been facing his rantshCuomo took Twitter to apologize for not having more restrictions on him.

"I understand all the support but – the truth I should be better than the guys I belong to," he said. tweeted Tuesday. "This happens all the time this day. It's often my family. But there is a lesson: it doesn't need to add to the device;

Earlier on Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump took a riot at the journalist, tweeting that he thought "Fredo Fredo was too."

"The truth strengthens," he said. "He lost it completely! Low ratings @CNN"

Approximately one and a half hours later criticize again Cuomothinking whether the news personality would be “giving a Red Flag out of her recent rant?

Cuomo has been tweeted several times over the past week for putting pressure on increased gun safety laws, while noting that it is a gun owner.

"You can't have a machine gun," he said Write Thursday, part of a series of tweets responding to those who argued against gun restrictions after mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas. "There is no question that people have the right to get their own weapons. And there is no question that this right is subject to regulation."

Cuomo said: "You won't get rid of all the guns. Period. This needs to be about making a better job about who gets them."

Meanwhile Fox Hannity has hosted a Horn News, which simultaneously supported his interpretation of Cuomo, with support for media personality.

"I say good for @ChrisCuomo," Hannity said. "It's out with his 9-year-old daughter, and his wife, and this guy is going to deposit in front of his family." My honest opinion is that Chris Cuomo has zero apologies .

Original story: CNN stands by anchor Chris Cuomo after an NSFW exchange with a heckler who gave him Fredo & 39; to it.

The host "Cuomo Prime Time", 49, was arrested during a heated exchange with an unknown man who called him "Fredo," who called Cuomo on a racial rage towards the Italians.

"Punk (expletive) from the right call me 'Fredo' My name is Chris Cuomo .It's anchored on CNN," the TV host during the NSFW video shared on Twitter .

In the video, Cuomo explained that the term "depreciation" is coming from a 1972 film "The Godfather," referring to Fredo Corleone, Cuomo said "weak brother."

As the conversation increased, Cuomo said: "I will come (full-time) on your (full-time) swingive) swing?"

A debate on social media has engaged in debates and jokes as the term should be considered as a slippage.

Trump Communications Director 2020 Tim Murtaugh CNN criticized to call the term "ethnic slur" when a common term is Fredo; even used on Cuomo's own show without pause, "referring to January clip of commentator Ana Navarro using the word on Cuomo's program.

"Asking an Italian man, Fredo, to take unfair unfair stereotypes, and if you always do my cousins ​​and I will show up to your house in traces and leave windows for cars," joked reporter CJ Ciaramella.

"The truth about #Cuomo and #Fredo should not add to the fact that #Trump is doing everything – an ironically done America, making the country a catastrophic step, and alleviating society and democracy, t " tweeted columnist Michael Coren. "Fiddle people and the United States at him."

Don Lemon: doubling down despite the backup from Trump, he calls on the racist president's statements

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