Trey Anastasio's movie Between Me and My Mind; in theaters


When Trey Anastasio agreed to let a film crew follow it around, there were no restrictions. A New York apartment, a bus trip, a personal moments with his best friend dying – he was all fair.

“He never said,“ Turn off the cameras, ”said Steven Cantor, who led“ Between Me and My Mind. ”

Following the Beacon Theater premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, film theaters across the country will show the documentary on Wednesday, July 17. The film focuses on the guitarist and singer's creative process as he leads the film. Phish popular band and its individual career.

Producer Jamie Schutz – who was a real trial and Phishhead – highlighted in a field meeting with band manager Patrick Jordan, “I wanted to create a film that would bring Phish fans behind him and make sure he gave them a glimpse of the band. this, and that was to be authentic. ”

The next day, Jordan let the film maker Anastasio, who was about to start work on his most intimate work, entered the solo album “Ghosts of the Forest,”. The results are a compact portrait of Anastasio recording the solo record with Phish Jon Drumman and bassist Tony Markellis, Anastasio – an exclusive clip from these sessions – a storyline running concurrently with Phish Press for a huge series. of 13, unprecedented shows in Madison Square Garden (The Baker's Dosaen) in 2017 and the three New Year show, at MSG too.

Fans have an unprecedented eye on Anastasio's relationship with his Phish colleagues and his family. In one-to-one segments with each parent, his wife and two daughters, he re-imagines his roles as a son, a man and a father. We are dealing with some sweet occasions, as when his mother's mother, sitting with the musician on a field bench dedicated to his sister, Kristy, died of cancer, recalling the future rock rock drumming of her inventory. Anastasio also asks his wife if she considered leaving it when he was struggling with hard drugs.

“He has a close relationship with his family members,” says Cantor. “I think he lived his life today, and maybe the time was a bit. I think he wants to think about things and that he will look at his impact on his family. ”

Chris “C-Cot” Cottrell, anastasio friend since they were in New Jersey, died from adrenal cancer in January 2018.

Documentary documents stated that if their contents were not open, they would not interfere with the making of the film.

“There's no old adage, something that never meets your heroes because you will be disappointed,” says Schutz. “It happened to me in the past. It was extremely contradictory in this case, as Trey is one of the hottest guys, most seriously, I have ever met. You feel when you are present. And Steven and I were well present during two or three years. ”

Jokes Cantor: “That is why Trey took 340 selfmen.”

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