Trial between Østfold Hospital and nurses:

Happy, says leader of the Nurses’ Association Lill Sverresdatter Larsen.

– At the same time, this has been a burden for those affected who experienced being sued by their own employer, she points out.

Not authority

The district court’s decision to dismiss the case was unanimous. The reason is that the court believes that hospital director Hege Gjessing did not have the authority to summon the employees.

The four nurses worked part-time at the neonatal ward at Østfold Hospital, but demanded to have their positions increased when a new nurse position was advertised at the ward in the spring of 2019, writes NRK.

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This was refused by the employer, who instead offered them to fill the positions by working in other departments, something the nurses did not want. Instead, they went to the Dispute Resolution Board, where they were upheld.

But instead of accepting this, the hospital went to court. The hospital believed that the decision would entail a “significant inconvenience” for the employer, writes Fredriksstad Blad.

Stays standing

The court’s rejection of the case on Tuesday means that the decision from the Dispute Resolution Board will take effect, says the nurses’ lawyer Magnus Buflod.

Gjessing has previously stated to NRK that the Dispute Resolution Board’s decision in the extreme consequence can cost the hospital many hundreds of millions of kroner.

According to the hospital, it will be impossible to fill all the weekend shifts if the nurses work full time.

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