Trial of the attack on Richard von Weizsäcker’s son

JGregor Sch. researched the von Weizsäcker family on the Internet. The 57-year-old slim man with thinning hair and narrow glasses is sitting on Tuesday at the dock at the district court in Berlin. The indictment accuses him of murder and attempted murder, as well as serious bodily harm. Sch. felt hatred, a delusional hatred of Richard von Weizsäcker, the former Federal President. He apparently said that through his previous work for the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, Weizsäcker was jointly responsible for the production of Agent Orange, a defoliants used by the American armed forces in the Vietnam War, which killed many Vietnamese.

Markus Wehner

Sch. wanted to live out this hatred according to the indictment. And since Richard von Weizsäcker was dead, he assumed it on the whole family, assuming a collective debt. In particular, he focused on the three children of the former head of state for years. When he discovered on the Internet that his son Fritz von Weizsäcker, chief physician at the Berlin Palace Park Clinic, would give a public lecture, the warehouse clerk from Andernach in Rhineland-Palatinate registered for the event by phone.

Exactly six months ago, on November 19, he bought a return ticket to Berlin and a folding knife before leaving Koblenz. Before the lecture began in the castle park clinic in the evening, Sch. still his laptop. The police were not supposed to find any data, which they later did. At 6:50 p.m., public prosecutor Silke van Sweringen said in court on Tuesday that Sch. raised from his seat during the lecture and stabbed Fritz von Weizsäcker in the neck, thereby hitting the windpipe and the cervical artery with the knife. The doctor, father of four and popular with his patients, died shortly afterwards.

Attack in front of an audience

Police officer Ferrid B., who is present in the courtroom on Tuesday, had attended the event privately. He wanted to come to the aid of Fritz von Weizsäcker, Sch. remove the knife. But during the fight he stabbed and cut the policeman’s neck, upper body and hands, where he severed tendons. However, B. was able to overwhelm the attacker until called colleagues came to his aid.

Sch. is obviously mentally ill, there is talk of schizophrenia. He is in the penitentiary hospital. The extent to which his guilt is limited or waived will be clarified during the main hearing. The public prosecutor’s office believes that his liability was only “considerably reduced”. Apparently, it was the meticulous planning of the crime that exposed a high level of criminal energy that raised doubts about total incapacity.

The lawyer Roland Weber also assumes that Sch. is about “a completely sick man”. He represents the two underage children of Fritz von Weizsäcker, his 17 year old son and his 14 year old daughter. The stroke of fate hit the children hard, he says on the sidelines of the trial. It was incomprehensible to her that her father should pay for something that the grandfather supposedly did and that was obviously pulled by the hair. The family found the process stressful and wanted an objective process.

The lawyer Stephan Maigné, who represents Beatrice von Weizsäcker, the sister of the killed doctor, made a similar statement. Sch. had hated for decades, he is said to have claimed that he had planned an attack before. The family knew nothing of his spying, which also applied to his client, says Maigné. “The blow came from nowhere.”

Sch., Who looks carefree on Tuesday, wants to express himself in the process. He also begins to speak a few words, but his defender interrupts him. The psychiatric expert must be present for his testimony. That is prevented on this day. In a week, Sch. statement.


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