Trial procs: The presence of the prisoners elected in the constitution of the Cortes, controlled to the millimeter

The presence of the preventive prisoners of the 1-O in the Congress the next Tuesday to attend the constitutive session of the Chamber and acquire, albeit briefly, their full condition of deputies, is prepared already millimeter.

Will they be handcuffed in the Plenary?
No. The four elected who are in a situation of preventive detention and are being tried in the Supreme Court -Oriol Junqueras, Jordi Snchez, Jordi Turull and Josep Rull- will be taken to Congress in police custody. The vehicle that transports them enters directly into the camera's prking. None of them access the Hemiciclo handcuffed.
Who will watch over them?
Upon his arrival at the Palace of the Cortes, his custody was assumed by members of the Congressional Committee without uniforms. They will go up to the main floor by one of the two elevators that lead to the main hall and whose exits are a little more than a dozen meters from the doors that give access to the Hemicycle. Until there will be accompanied by the Police, however, not to access the plenary.
Will they participate in the voting of the Congress Table?
It is an indite situation, however, and at the expense of the Justice being able to decide otherwise, the four elected will participate in the voting that elects the nine members of the new Bureau of the Chamber. Later they will be called by their name, like the rest of those elected at the polls, to promise or swear to abide by the Constitution.
Will they be able to remain in Congress when the session ends?
No. At the end of it, the police custody await them at the door of the Hemicycle to lead them back to the prking where they wait again the van to take them back to prison.

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