Tricks to take advantage of the new AirPods

The new Apple AirPods 2 is not that they have changed a lot of aesthetics compared to their predecessors, but they have included some interesting details inside. They are not too many, really, but they have improved some interesting aspects. For example, they have incorporated the wireless function of the Siri assistant. And that, in some tasks, changes everything.

But this tiny device also offers other features that can sometimes go unnoticed. For example, you can easily pass the playback of an iPhone to a Mac computer or adjust some functions of its touch panels.

How to pass the playback of the iPhone to the Mac
These helmets can now avoid unnecessary interruptions when using several different Apple devices, but they tend to work in a synchronized manner. Through Apple's signature software, users can switch from listening to music through, for example, an iPhone, and almost automatically do so if the Mac is plugged in.

It is a very useful function but it requires certain adjustments. To do this, you must have your Mac configured to show the shortcut with the volume icon in the menu bar located in the upper part of the screen. There, you just have to choose that the AirPods work as audio output from that same icon.

Listen to music with the Apple Watch
One way to make even more use of the new AirPods for sports is to use them with the Apple Watch. Just open the Apple Watch Control Center (by sliding your finger up and down on the screen), touch the AirPlay icon and choose the headphones. This allows you to make calls and also listen to Apple Music and Podcasts directly from the wrist.

Commands for Siri
One of the great novelties of the headphones has been the integration of the digital assistant Siri by voice. That is, just by saying the magic words to invoke it ("Hey, Siri") the software starts up so that the user can manage some services. For example, you can make calls, adjust the volume or ask for directions on a specific route.

But there are other options, which you have to know, however, activate them by means of specific voice commands. There are many examples, but for example in tasks of the music player multiple requests can be made: «Put my favorite playlist», «Upload the volume», «Put pause», «Jump of song» or «Follow the playback» . But communications can also be launched: «Send a message to (name of contact)». Or receive information of all kinds such as "How much battery is left in the AirPods?" Or "How is my house going?". It's a matter of trying.

How to look for them
Although the system is not perfect, you can configure the «app» «Search for my iPhone» to locate on the map where the AirPods are. If you are near one of your Apple devices and connected by Bluetooth you can also play a sound to make it easy to find them. But it has to be close, do not think it works ten kilometers around, although it can indicate where they were last time. To do this, simply go to the «app» Search and select the AirPods on the screen in «Actions / Play sound».

Adjust the shortcuts on the touchpad
This is configured by default, but when playing one of the AirPods twice, the music or audio is played in "streaming". But you can also touch twice to jump forward during playback. Thus, this double touch from the small touch panel can be customized at any time if they are connected to the device and out of its case. It can be done from the Bluetooth settings: «Settings / Bluetooth / AirPods information». Touching one of the headphones twice will activate the chosen order.

How to know the remaining battery
You can also know the remaining battery life. On the iPhone, you have to open the case with the AirPods and bring it closer to the device. Then, in a few seconds the charging status of the AirPods and the case will appear on the screen. You can also check the charging status with the "widget" of the iOS devices. And, by the way, the state of charge of the case only appears when you have stored in at least one of the AirPods.

You can name it
If you have several AirPods configured, you can change the name of any of them from the menu «Settings / Bluetooth / My devices / Name».

How to know who is calling you
Helmets can pronounce the name of the person who is calling. Of course, to do this, you have to activate the "Announce Calls on the iPhone" function. A function found in "Settings / Phone / Announce Calls".

How to use them on Android
Not all users may know it, but AirPods can be used by other phones that do not have an iOS operating system; that is, with Android. And there are many who do it. To do this, you have to configure them with a device not linked to the iCloud account, the Apple cloud service. They are a couple of steps simply: put the headphones in the case, open the lid, hold the configuration button on the back of the case until the status light flashes white and then add them as a Bluetooth accessory on the device chosen one. . (tagsToTranslate) tricks (t) tips (t) airpods (t) apple

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