“Tripled hospitalizations but we are ready”

“We with the San Gerardo hospital in Monza are one of the 17 hubs” mentioned in the Covid hospital plan in Lombardy “and we intervened immediately, both for sub acute patients and for those in intensive care. In 10 days we have tripled the hospitalizations and now we are at 74. Of these, 6 are in intensive care, 9 acute divers and the rest are hospitalized in the other wards. The semi-intensive is also active where we have about 14. At this time, compared to what is foreseen by phase 1 of the regional resolution that regulates the management of a possible restart “of Covid-19,” we are at target: we have already reached the level beyond which we must begin to reduce the rest of the activity. Which I’ve averted so far, but a further increase will affect the possible contraction of non-urgent activities. This is the topic under discussion at the moment. “It is the general manager of Asst Monza, Mario Alparone.

“We we are active and we are already prepared – the General Manager at Adnkronos Salute points out – We have our program that was already planned. I have to welcome and heal, I have to be ready for a situation of this type and we are: to give an example, we have stored and put aside personal protective equipment for an extra month, in addition to the daily supplies. We have our own operational plan, ready for a couple of months. I don’t comment, but I manage what happens. We have already done so on the first occasion of the March-April emergency with much more severe numbers. We know how to do it and the Lombardy Region knows how to do it “.

Today, Alparone continues, “we observe that Covid-19 numbers are rapidly advancing and there is no doubt: these days I see between 10 and 15 admissions a day to the hospital, while in the previous 7 days they had 4 or 5. But it was not something that happened overnight. On 3 October, Covid patients were about 25, on 10 about 40 and on 15 they exceeded 70. There has been a growth in the space of 10 days and in the last days in particular a further acceleration “.

The Lombard councilor for Welfare, Giulio Gallera, “is activating other beds for acute and sub-acute – recalls – Today the pressure on intensive care seems to be a little less severe. I make a comparison with the times of maximum expansion of the epidemic: in that period we managed up to 600 patients in a single day, with 100 in intensive care; we were the third company in terms of the number of beds occupied and at the peak at the end of March-beginning of April the ratio between intensive care and ordinary hospitalization was about 20%, now we are at 10%. It’s also true that the average age of admissions is falling“.

As for patients arriving, “our specialists tell me that basically the level of complexity is similar, but we are a little more capable of handling them and we welcome them sooner. From a pharmacological point of view, certain aspects are now more proven, the experience was used for the management of a disease that remains largely unknown even today. On the organizational front, the same can be said: we managed about 1,800 patients throughout the pandemic period, and 350 from outside the province because we were helping the red areas. The experience is there. And now – observes the manager – in the red zone we seem to be, Milan and Monza, and partly Varese. But as health care we are there and we are ready “.

As for the infections, Alparone observes, “I am not an epidemiologist, but I read the situation of Monza and Milan as that of two very close provinces and I see that my colleagues from the Milanese hospitals, such as Niguarda, have the same Situation: They experience the same kind of spread of the disease with obviously larger numbers than ours. It is a situation that has Milan and its northern province as its epicenter. Even if we large hospitals were ready, we hope that the virus will loosen its grip. “

Alparone does not enter into the merits of the measures under discussion these days, but recalls the importance of respecting the anti-contagion rules. “As usual, individual behaviors make the difference. We had such an important reduction in the critical phase of the first wave because the behaviors were very rigorous. All this is never repeated enough: we avoid gatherings, we are careful to wash hands and masks For example, I wear it even now that I am alone in the office insist on testing with swabs“.

In Monza this activity “has increased a lot. If before we processed 800 swabs, now we are at 1,600 and we can reach up to 2,000”, also responding to the request of the regional Welfare Department. “Yesterday – reports the General Manager of Asst Monza – in the hospital the number of swabs performed far exceeded 1,200, half of which were performed in the drive-through. We are also opening a second one in Limbiate where we will channel the school part relating to re-enter the institutes to diversify flows geographically. We are therefore a company in full expansion from the point of view of the services it must offer to its target population “.

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