Trips allowed again, okay, but there are rules to follow: here they are, for the outward and return trips, depending on the destination

This Monday, it will again be possible to leave the country without having a compelling reason. It is therefore the resumption of tourist trips or to go see family or friends. But under what conditions ?

Let us first take the rules in force in Belgium. L’ban on non-essential travel within the European Union ends on April 19. As far as travel outside the Union is concerned, European rules still apply. A negative travel advisory remains in effect for all non-essential travels , can we read on the Foreign Affairs website. AT Upon return, travelers must follow a strict regime of mandatory testing and quarantine. The Passenger Location Form will allow the police to identify people who do not get tested on their return. Anyone who does not comply with the rules on screening is liable to a corona fine of 250 euros.

In other words, the rules that were in place in Belgium after the Christmas holidays are starting again.

On return, it will be necessary to be tested on the first and the seventh day, and to be quarantined obligatorily during these seven days. It should also be noted that self-tests are not taken into consideration in this protocol. Only PCR tests will prevail.

But what about other countries, then? We are far from a situation in which we can travel quite freely in Europe. Some countries impose quarantines on arrival, such as Switzerland, which imposes isolation for 10 days. In France, you must present a negative PCR test which dates no later than 72 hours before arriving in the country. It should also be remembered that all the measures in force for the French will also be applied for travelers: curfew at 7 p.m., no travel beyond 10 kilometers from the place of residence, etc.

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For Italy, we are talking about a negative antigen test which dates from a maximum of 48 hours and about a five-day quarantine which will end only with a negative PCR test carried out on site. For Spain, there is also talk of a negative PCR test to be presented when arriving in the country.

You can find all the information on the Foreign Affairs website, but also on the official websites of the countries.

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