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Trojan on Android: these applications steal bank details

Did you know that a simple application can steal your data and access to bank accounts? You may think “This will not happen to me because I only download applications from Google Play”. Well, if you think so, you are very wrong. Today we are talking about the new trend of malicious apps that install banking Trojans, which can download from google play and that they represent a danger to you. The positive news is that you can identify the method and avoid it relatively easily.

Google Play increasingly has better assets for avoid malicious software of the applications that are downloaded from your store. It’s not perfect, but bypassing the restrictions isn’t entirely easy. Well, that’s what they had to think of Google before a new method install trojan became fashionable.

This is how these applications install a Trojan virus on your mobile

The new method we are talking about follows a well-studied and intelligent strategy of developers. They sneaked into the Play Store because They contain no hint of malicious software. They are clean downloads and user downloads are completely free of trojans or malware.

So how to infect your mobile? As soon as it is downloaded and installed on your device The application requires a necessary update to be able to work. Say update, if you bring it out, is downloaded from external servers of Google and in the Play Store. It is at this moment the time poor code installed on your device.

This method is used for Install Banking Trojan on smartphones around the world. There are many types of malware, but this is one of the most problematic for users, because it allows them stranger access to your bank account.

How to detect malicious applications?

It’s really complicated detect which applications are malicious when browsing on Google Play. If Google couldn’t, you probably couldn’t either. Of course, with the new method we told you, it is a bit easier to detect it.

you just need Be wary of any apps that ask you to download updates outside of Google Play. Every time you update an app you must first go to Google Play and see the “Update” button. Any other action is reason enough to be suspicious and uninstall the application immediately.

Has this ever happened to you? did you find any app with virus in Google Play?

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