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Trotta: “We must carry the coronavirus prevention from the classroom” | Chronicle

In the midst of a local and global crisis due to the coronavirus, the Minister of Education of the Nation Nicolas Trotta made it clear that the decision to suspend classes throughout Argentina is going to be made by the committee of specialists.

“We are waiting for that decision that can happen at any time or can never happen. But definition must be carried out by a committee of specialists”, admitted the official.

“There is a lot of anxiety, we know it, but the reality is that we have to trust those who know the problem in depth”, clarified.

Regarding the decision made by the governments of Misiones and Jujuy to interrupt classes, he stressed that “in the case of Misiones they were canceled due to dengue and the position Jujuy took was particular because there is no official case of coronavirus”.

The holder of the educational portfolio recognized that “The school has an essential role and we must carry preventive policy from the classroom. Prevention goes hand in hand with solidarity and responsibility”.

In allusion to an alleged determination in educational establishments, Trotta confirmed that “When there is a suspicious case in a classroom, the classroom is closed until it is defined whether the case is positive. If there is a positive case, either student or teacher, the school is closed for two weeks”.

“If children do not go to school, who cares for them at home? Suspending certain issues can even make contagion processes more complex”, closed the minister.


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