Troy Deeney, from prison to threaten Guardiola's Manchester City home triplet


At about eight in the afternoon of this Saturday's transit to the vacation in football, the Wembley Stadium could attend an extraordinary scene. It would be that of Prince William delivering the FA Cup champion trophy to a guy with the make-up of an "bad boy" of the NBA, 30 years and a prison sentence for a fight after having a few drinks over his backs We are talking about Troy Deeney, captain of Watford who will fight this afternoon to snatch from Manchester City the dream of the first domestic triplet (Premier, League Cup and FA) of history in England.

The villain of the film is the inevitable image that seems linked Deeney, an idol for the fans of Watford, reflotada from the Championship at the hands of its leader. It was the year 2015 when the hornets ascended to the Premier League after roaming the second category of English football since 2007. The controversial Deeney, great driver of the achievement with 21 goals and 10 assists, had been sweating to get it since 2010, when he arrived to the club that today manages businessman Pozzo -owner also of Udinese and before Granada- from the modest Walsall.

You have to go back until June 2012 to understand where the germ of fanaticism that wakes the Watford nine between your bench resides. In full vacation in his native Birmingham after another season without prize in the form of promotion, Deeney went out to enjoy life with his brother. These were days where enjoyment took the body of excesses for the forward of Jamaican descent. One thing would lead to the other, which is how this type of misfortune usually happens, and the brothers ended up in the middle of a fight with four students that resulted in a medical party in which the kids were harmed. A video camera portrayed Troy kicking one of them in the head. He broke his jaw. He received a sentence of ten months in prison for which he finally did not comply or three for showing repentance.

To finish inflating this balloon of misfortune, his stepfather died of cancer in the midst of those difficult days. He was 47 years old. That man had marked the childhood of the player, fatherless after the biological, "a sperm donor" for Deeney, left the family before he was born. He had been a regular behind bars for his drug deals and the mother, juggling to make ends meet, was busy explaining to his five children that they were business trips. She belongs to the last name that every weekend the people of Vicarage Road.

"Going to jail was a blessing in disguise, because it made me re-evaluate who I am as a person. It opened new paths for me, like visiting the psychologist or having to deal with the problems that used to make me drink. I used to think that I was managing my affairs, but all I did was drink. That turned into a spiral, "the player explained this week on ESPN.

That experience made Deeney miss the first six games of the 2012-2013 season. It was leaving prison and lying on the grass to play as if the opponent owed an explanation for what he had experienced. Yes, with a geolocation bracelet on the ankle. That summer he highlighted the seasoned profile of a forward faithful to the topic of the British striker, a toothache for the central, hard to peel to say enough, full of tattoos and a complexion that does not invite to dance glued. He scratches the eighty meter and reaches ninety kilos. More than once he has received criticism for not taking care of his weight, and his response has always been the same: to sweat until drowning those voices in applause. As many as he deserved the penalty that became the historic semifinal against Wolverhampton served the group of Javi Gracia to force an extension that painted far away with the 2-0 of minute 79.

We should ask Laporte or Kompany if they prefer to try to reduce to guys like Firmino or Kane or if they feel more comfortable in fights with less glitter and more testosterone, like the one that surely Deeney will propose. He leaves no doubt: «I am not afraid. Soccer is not going to scare me. Nor play against the City. Thanks to everything I've been through ». . (tagsToTranslate) previous (t) facup (t) deeney


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