Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Truck driver falls asleep and rushes into construction site – still Traffic jam on A8 Höhe Dachau

One truck overtakes another truck, then the driver falls asleep for a short while and races into the A8 construction site at Dachau / Fürstenfeldbruck. He is badly injured. While the recovery is under way, another accident happens.

Bergkirchen The traffic police Fürstenfeldbruck reports: At about 5:20 am on Saturday morning, a 45-year-old Greek truck driver drove his tractor-trailer on the A8 towards Munich. Shortly before the start of construction work at the height of the junction Dachau / Fürstenfeldbruck this overtook another truck. When he had changed again in front of this on the right lane, he obviously fell into a microsleep and took the – also previously announced – lane removal of the right lane no longer true.

He drove sideways on a highway maintenance trailer on the highway, which was hitched to a truck. The accident seriously damaged the cab.

Heavy truck accident on A8 height Dachau – with giant traffic jam – the pictures

Also the loaded with flowers and dairy semi-trailer was significantly affected. The driver was taken by ambulance to a Munich hospital. Fortunately, the initially suspected lethal injuries were not confirmed, but the Greek truck driver will have to spend a while in hospital due to fractures.

The public prosecutor’s office has commissioned an accident analysis report to clarify the accident.

The truck driver acknowledged a microsleep in the hospital as an accident cause. The evaluation of his control unit could not be done due to the massive damage yet. The amount of damage to the vehicles involved is estimated at approximately EUR 100,000.

In addition to the fire departments Odelzhausen, Geiselbullach and Feldgeding also an ambulance, a police helicopter, employees of the responsible motorway operator company and forces of the VPI Fürstenfeldbruck were used at the scene of the accident. Due to leaked diesel fuel, the secondary lane could not be released for traffic. This lock has been lifted in the meantime.

The directional lane Munich had to be fully blocked from about 06.00 clock. The lock is still due to the salvage work on.

Subsequent accidents lead to further disabilities

About 45 minutes after this accident, another truck driver drove against a traffic safety trailer of the Autobahnmeisterei, which was parked at the Fuchsberg car park and was still activated. Here, the truck driver was not injured. The amount of damage here is about 40,000 EUR.

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