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TORONTO – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admitted Friday that he let his supporters – and all Canadians color – down in recent years in roots and black. But the failure of the film may be limited in a country without the nearby racist and dangerous history of the United States.

“I hurt people who I consider to be a frequent ally,” Trudeau said with a news conference. “I put a lot of people down.”

Trudeau, 47, wants the second term as prime minister in the October election. His biggest opponent, Andrew Scheer from the Conservative Party, has convinced him “not to be fit to rule” because of the exposures. However, key figures in the prime minister's Liberal Party have been addressed, including the Minister for Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland, who would rather be a Liberal leader in place of Trudeau if the election was lost.

It seems that many minority Canadians, who are increasingly active in politics and government, are ready to forgive Trudeau.

“As I know Justin, I know that these photographs do not show his person now, and I know he regrets it,” said the Minister for Defense, Harjit Sajjan, Sikh, on Twitter. .

Nelson Wiseman, a political science professor at the University of Toronto, predicted that Trudeau would easily succeed with the scandal.

“In fact, I think it's drawing condolences,” Wiseman said. “The media has a great deal of knowledge about the bombing of the community … The media is delighted with the story as it goes against the kind.” T

Wiseman also disputed the declaration that Trudeau is a wording for race and diversity, noting that its cabinet is the most diverse in Canadian history in terms of gender and ethnic background.

There were many comparisons between Trudeau's controversy and earlier developments this year in the US, where Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam tackled intense pressure to quit after a racist picture coming from a medical school yearbook 1984.

Quentin Kidd, a professor of political science at the University of Virginia, Virginia, said the exposures to Trudeau and Northam supporters, which they regarded as compassionate politicians, were “shock and disappointing”.

However, Kidd sees great differences in how the two politicians dealt with the case.

“Trudeau expressed great sadness and willingness to accept what he did as racist,” said Kidd. “We didn't see that from Ralph Northam.”

Kidd also mentioned the different racial history in both countries.

“Canada has issues about racial inequalities, but there is nothing like South America. Jim Crow has no slave heritage or huge gaps in wealth and poverty, ”he said. “Northam must carry this history baggage, but Trudeau does not have to carry similar luggage.” T

According to recent census figures, Canada's population is approximately 73% white, compared to 77% in the US. Many of the people who do not live are from Asia. Only about 3.5 percent of the population is black.

In Trudeau's multi-ethnic parliamentary area in Montreal, some residents questioned about the collusion scandal.

“It wasn't much discussion, it was a long time ago,” said Zahid Nassar, an Pakistani immigrant. “When we are young, we do all things stupid.”

Nassar said that he voted for Trudeau in 2015 and that he is likely to do the same next month. If he does not, he said, it will be because he has concerns about safety in his neighborhood.

The brown-faced controversy went on Wednesday when Time magazine published a photo from a yearbook from West Point Gray Academy, a private school in British Columbia where Trudeau worked as a teacher. It shows Trudeau, who was 29 years old, at a party “Arabian Nights” in 2001 wearing a turban and dress with dark makeup on her hands, face and neck. Trudeau said he was dressed as a character from “Aladdin.”

Trudeau said that he once darkened his face to perform Harry Belafonte's song during a talent show when he was in high school. In a third event, a short video with Trudeau suffered a black vacuum. He said it was built on a day of clothing and worked as a guide for a river raft company.

“I am precise about the events that I remembered,” he said on Friday. “I did not understand at the time how much the Canadians, the raiding Canadians, hurt the minorities.”

Sunny Khurana, who was built with Trudeau for the 2001 year book, said that no one had a problem with the preparation of Trudeau at the event.

“A clothing party, Arabian nights, Aladdin,” said Khurana, an Indian Sikh who had two children in the school at the time. “That's it. People dressing up. Party was there. It was never intended to put anyone down. ”

In Washington, a reporter asked President U. Donald Trump about Trudeau's controversy.

“I was hoping that I wouldn't be asked that question,” said Trump. "I'm surprised. And I was surprised when I saw the number of times."

Trudeau later asked if his position was damaged internationally.

“My focus is on Canadians who face discrimination every day,” he said. “I am going to show very hard work as an individual and as a leader I will continue to stand up to intolerance and racism.”

Trudeau said he would call the opposition leader Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the opposition, and apologize for wearing brown. Singh is also a Sikh.

For Trudeau's main election contest, the prime minister was denied overriding views he made shortly before the photo went to the surface up. Scheer stated that other Conservative candidates who had previously made racist or anti-gay comments would, while apologizing, stand up to them and took responsibility for these statements.

“I accept the fact that people make mistakes in the past and can be up to that and accept that,” said Scheer. “I believe that many Canadians, most of Canadians, recognize that people can say things in the past, when they are younger, at a different time in their lives, that they wouldn't say today.” T


Crary reported from New York.

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