True beauty second season ?: filter filming of the K-drama in an airport

After the issuance of the capítulo 11 de True beauty, a question arose among fans of Jugyeong, Suho and Seojun’s story: will there be second season of the drama? And this question could have been resolved after the filming of some images of the filming.

True Beauty rescheduled the next two chapters of the drama. Photo: tvN

While the K-drama tvN is an adaptation of the webtoon created by Yaongyi, the essence of the plot was maintained throughout the broadcasts of the episodes thanks to the impeccable performances of Moon Ga Young, Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop, now the followers hope that don’t end with delivery number 16.

Second season?

On January 20, chapter 11 of True beauty And because of the development of the plot, there would be the possibility of a second season, since it would be necessary to develop Suho’s trip to Japan and the relationship that arises from this estrangement between Jugyeong and Seojun.

To this is added the leak of a photograph taken at the airport to the production of True beauty, where apparently Moon Ga Young were, Cha Eun Woo y Hwang In Yeop

A Twitter user shared the image that was taken at the Incheon air port on January 19.

In the description he tells that the three main actors of True beauty they were recording.

Post on Twitter about the filming of True beauty. Photo: @ year0f39

According to him webtoon, Suho must travel to Japan due to an accident suffered by his father and must go with him to take care of him. This estrangement chills his relationship with Jugyeong.

Capture of chapter 58 of True beauty. Photo: Webtoon

Since before leaving the young man declares his love to the protagonist, but they do not maintain communication for several years.

Capture of chapter 58 of True beauty. Photo: Webtoon

Since Suho is no longer in the life of Jugyeong, she decides to start from scratch and focus on her future. She starts studying to be a makeup artist and discovers feelings for Seojun, who was with her all this time.

The hypothesis about the development of this story becomes stronger and stronger, and it is expected that in the coming days the t.v make the official announcement of the second season of True beuaty.

Jugyeong’s Fate: Suho or Seojun?

In a recent interview, the creator of the webtoon True beauty, Yaongyi revealed that he has already decided who the protagonist will stay with of his masterpiece.

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Spanish translation of the commentary by the Korean editor and cartoonist: “Although I decided who it will end up with, you will have to read the series on WEBTOON to find out.”

End of drama and webtoon

According to various youtubers, such as Just Val, they hold the theory that the end of the webtoon will be the same day that the last chapter of the K-drama from tvN, which would be roughly February 4.

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SF9’s Chani Cameo

Episode 11 saw SF9’s Chani cameo as Seyeon, Suho and Seojun’s late friend.

SF9’s Chani alongside Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop on True beauty. Photo: tvN

Chani (whose real name is Kang Chan Hee) left a message at the end of her participation. “I was very happy to be able to join this project with many very good seniors and actors. It was nice because the director and the staff took care of me. Give True Beauty a lot of love. “

Chani se despide de True Beauty. Foto: captura tvN/YouTube

Trailer ep. 13

The preview of what will be is now available on the official tvN channel on YouTube Chapter 13 of True beauty.

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  • Jugyeong: Our colleagues discovered my true face. Now I can’t see them in the face.
  • Dry: What are you doing?
  • Seojun: Is there something you really didn’t know?
  • Amiga: Why not, you really didn’t know? Are you angry?
  • Dry: It doesn’t matter, I like you without makeup.
  • Sujin: Run as far as you can and hide.
  • Jugyeong’s Mom: Do not worry! You can call us, we will always be behind you.

Where to see True beauty online and for free?

The tvN channel handles the broadcast for the Korean audience. After the broadcast, the chapters are uploaded to Viki Rakuten with respective subtitles by region.

On the aforementioned platform, users can watch the first four episodes for free. To access the others, they must use the Standard Pass (pay the rate according to their preference).

Ver gratis True beauty. Foto: Viki

Webtoon True beauty

This is the official trailer for Yaongyi’s comic on WEBTOON’s YouTube channel.

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Webtoon True beauty en español

You can find the digital comic on the page, but if you want to read it in Spanish, you should look for it under the title Secrets of beauty.

Webtoon True beauty in Spanish. Photo: capture

Differences of the webtoon and drama True beauty

Being an adaptation, the tvN production modified some situations. There are more than 10 differences between the webtoon and the drama True beauty.

Among the first differences between the K-drama and the web comic was Jugyeong’s first kiss.

Jugyeong and Seojun’s first kiss on the Tru beauty webtoon. Photo: Webtoons

Also, in the drama Jugyeong’s sister is in a relationship with the teacher, while in the webtoon they don’t go beyond the first date.

true beauty drama webtoon

Bloopers True beauty

The tvN network shared the behind the scenes of episode 12, where Hwang In Yeop and Cha Eun Woo go on a tractor trip and exercise at school as part of their physical education classes.

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