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The President of the United States Donald trump recalled the surveillance of his election campaign from the subordinates of his predecessor Barack Obama. He said that his conversations were tapped, and called treason Obama’s actions

U.S. President Donald trump has accused his predecessor of Barack Obama in treason. Such a statement he made in an interview with CBN News.

“This is treason. Look, I already said long ago that they were spying on our campaign. They listened <...> As it turned out, I was right,” said trump.

The U.S. Congress has postponed the extension of the program of surveillance after threats of a veto from trump

Trump has repeatedly stated the surveillance of his election campaign. In 2017, reported on the tapping of his phones. He also urged the U.S. Congress to check whether the abused powers of the Obama administration, which allegedly followed him in this way.

In 2018, trump announced that he was going to instruct the Ministry of justice to check the information about sending in his headquarters of the FBI informant. He also added that he wants to know, did the members of the security services and the Ministry “requests or demands” on surveillance from people in the Obama administration.


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