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Trump agrees that he will not be able to keep his word to reopen the country for Easter

by drbyos

No one knows what an effort it took for the professionals around Donald Trump to convince him that it would be a serious mistake to reopen the country at Easter, as he had said only a week ago, but they succeeded. After the closed-door meetings they held at the Oval Office last weekend, the president extended national recommendations to stay home and keep a safe distance throughout April, although experts predict that there will be another extension to May.

“Was it a mistake to launch the idea of ​​Easter,” he was asked. “No,” he said bluntly. “It was just an aspiration.” Much more realistic, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned Monday that “The worst is yet to come”, and not just for your condition. To all the least populated in the center and north of the country who see the coronavirus as a punishment for Sodom and Gomorrah, the head of the state reminded them that “New York is not an anomaly”, but its own future.

The good news for the city of skyscrapers, where crime and begging have exploded in less than two weeks, was the arrival on Monday of Navy hospital ship ‘USNS Comfort’, where everything except COVID-19 will be treated. There are a thousand beds and a dozen operating rooms that float on the Hudson River at 50th Street. A little further down, between 34 and 40, the National Guard has turned the Jacovit Center Convention Center into another hospital that will liberate avalanche beds expected when the epidemic peaks in the next two to three weeks.

A hospital ship with a thousand beds anchors in New York, which reaches the barrier of 1,200 deaths from the pandemic

The city accommodated the first 1,200 dead on Monday, with more than 250 lives lost in just 24 hours. From his tower on Fifth Avenue Trump could have seen the field hospitals that have risen in Central Park, but on television what caught his attention were the Refrigerated trucks outside Elmhurst Hospital, in Queens, very close to where he was born. “I’ve never seen images like this, body bags everywhere,” he confessed with a shudder. “And that’s basically my neighborhood,” he added.

Trump no longer lives in the city of skyscrapers, nor does he visit her. What attracted him was money and power, which he has found multiplied in the White House. That’s where he wants to stay, which is why the high ratings his press conferences on the epidemic are having don’t make up for the damage to the economy, which may cost him reelection. “What I would like is for us to return to the life we ​​had”she sighed. “We had the best economy we ever had, no deaths, and now this,” he added.

“Something worse than hoarding”

A crisis that he does not understand and that he pays with the local authorities, dependent on him to obtain federal aid. The president accused New York hospitals of “something worse than hoarding” medical material, because “how can you go from 20,000 masks to 300,000?”, He asked publicly. Are they out the back door? The authorities would have to investigate it. The Governor of New York, preferred not to enter the battle or to explain what they are to use and throw away. “I am not going to go to war with the president, we have a national public health crisis and I am not going to start politics.”

Nor do the countries with which Trump claims to be “in close contact”, such as Italy and Spain, whose data help US experts anticipate the problem. Confronted with the question of whether The United States would catch up with Russia, China and Cuba, who have sent aid to Italy and Spain, the president was quick to say that Washington also helps Italy economically. “We send them a lot of things that we don’t need”He stated without specifying. It does not seem that Mr. Marshall is going to visit Spain, but that Mr. Trump does not want to be less than his rivals.


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