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Trump and Biden jumped in, now turning on only one microphone

The head of the White House objected to the rules and the announced topics of Thursday’s duel, but he will come. The changes announced by the commission are a response to the chaotic course of the only September debate between Trump and Biden on September 29, in which only a minimum of factual arguments were voiced for the very leap and speech.

The next debate came after Trump became infected with coronavirus, so the 90-minute duel at NBC will be final.

The rise of the plague and anger at Fauci

“I will attend. I just think it’s very unfair, “said Trump. He accused both moderator Kristin Welker and the commission overseeing the debates of bias. The announced themes of the duel are American families, race in the USA, climate change, national security and leadership.

Trump reprimanded the organizers for neglecting a foreign policy on which there was agreement. “Both election teams and the commission agreed a month ago that the topics would be selected by the moderator. Trump’s staff is lying because the president is afraid of further questions about his catastrophic reaction to the covid, “Biden’s spokesman TJ Ducklo responded coldly.

Coronavirus infection has been on the rise in 48 of the 50 U.S. states over the past week, Fox News said.

The White House chief, meanwhile, has deepened his dispute with chief epidemiologist Anthony Fauchi. “People have had enough of Fauci and all the idiots who have been wrong,” the president thundered during a phone call with members of his election staff, according to the New York Times. “Every time he goes to TV, it’s a bomb. But an even bigger bomb would be blown up. The guy is a disaster, “he added.

Trump has already announced that, despite the absence of foreign policy on the announced topics of the debate, he intends to confront his juice about whether China is corrupting him.

He called on Justice Secretary William Barr to open an investigation into Biden. “He must act quickly,” he told Fox News. The reason is the accusations of Biden’s son Hunter and his business activities in Ukraine and China. An article in the New York Post blamed him for corruption and connected his business with Biden Sr. when he was vice president.

The laptop from which the evidence is supposed to come is now being investigated by FBI investigators. The origin of the computer is strange. He was alerted to a Delaware computer repair shop owner after the customer did not pick it up.

Fox News has now released a photo of a laptop repair bill from a $ 85 PC repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware, with Hunter Biden’s apparent signature. Its authenticity, as with other evidence, has not been verified.

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