Trump and his press conferences on the corona crisis

Da, they stood, shoulder to shoulder, on the podium: Donald Trump, Vice Mike Pence, Attorney General William Barr, Corona Virus Coordinator Deborah Birx and the Chief of the Service Task Force, Admiral John Polowczyk.

There is no question of distance. Only as Dr. Birx, coordinator of the coronavirus containment, explained why she hadn’t been there before (“I had a slight fever, probably a digestive history, but I’m fussy, I’m a doctor”), Trump jokingly moved away from her: “Oh dear. “

Such jokes are of little use to teach Americans to take the risk seriously and to follow the recommendation to stay away. Such conflicting signals and the half-truths that the president is spreading have prompted journalists to stop broadcasting the briefings live. “It’s now life and death,” wrote journalism professor Jay Rosen of New York University. “We have to switch to an emergency setting when reporting on the President to prevent him from misleading you through us.” In the Washington Post, media critic Margaret Sullivan said the networks should use the President’s comments on the Corona crisis no longer broadcast live, but with a delay that allows a review of his claims.

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Trump recently claimed that the malaria drug chloroquine was “extremely promising” for the treatment of Covid-19. A Phoenix man died while taking a variant of the preparation. On Wednesday, Trump profiled himself as the savior of a degraded nation he inherited from his predecessor when he presented a $ 2 trillion bailout package that has not yet been approved. When asked a reporter whether Trump’s “opening” of the country at Easter was not premature from an expert’s perspective, Trump called her a “fake news reporter” and accused the press of challenging an economic crisis to his Endanger reelection. The virus is limited to trouble spots in the country, elsewhere the economy can continue to run normally.

Trump’s briefings achieve high ratings. The networks have twice as many viewers as usual, but this is exactly what critics see as an obstacle to containing the pandemic. The science magazine “Scientific American” found that the press events in the White House only caused confusion.

On Monday, many broadcasters only partially broadcast the almost two-hour briefing. CNN and MSNBC left after an hour. “The information no longer seemed to be of value to the important public health debate,” said MSNBC. A station on the public broadcaster NPR in Seattle, a region badly hit by the pandemic, announced via Twitter: “We will not broadcast the briefings live because there is a pattern of false or misleading information that cannot be checked quickly.” The white one Haus immediately countered on Twitter: “It is disgraceful that CNN and MSNBC were relieved from their press conference with President Trump and Mike Pence during a global pandemic. Thank you, Fox News, for keeping Americans informed. ”



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