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Trump announces on Twitter that he will withhold money from sanctuary cities | Univision Politics News

President Donald Trump He said on Twitter that the federal government will withhold money destined for sanctuary cities after a ruling that days ago said it may not give money to local administrations that do not collaborate with immigration authorities.

“According to the recent ruling by the Federal Court, the Federal Government will withhold funds from Sanctuary Cities. They should change their status and not become a Sanctuary. Do not protect the criminals!” Said the president from Twitter.

That court reversed a decision of a lower court that blocked the possibility that the Trump administration would stop the disbursement of those funds, which the Department of Justice says should be used to comply with immigration regulations.

“While we respect our sister circuits, we cannot agree that the federal government should be prohibited from imposing the conditions of the federal funds that are in dispute in this matter. These conditions help the federal government to comply with national immigration laws and the policies that successively have supported the Democratic and Repulican administrations “, indicated the fault.

The three-judge panel determined that Congress had delegated authority to the attorney general to establish conditions in the federal subsidy program he had created, called the Edward Byrne Memorial Judicial Assistance Grant Program.

The decision came after several courts ruled against the Trump administration on the issue, saying it lacked the authority to impose conditions related to immigration on certain funds.

Since the time of Jeff Sessions

This case dates from 2017, when a group of seven states and New York City sued the Department of Justice after the then attorney general Jeff Sessions announce that it would begin withholding funds from local governments that refuse to share information about undocumented immigrants.

Sanctuary cities generally refuse to cooperate with the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws, offering a refuge for undocumented immigrants. Some of them are Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and New York.

Nevertheless, These spaces are in no case territories where ICE cannot stop – in fact stop – undocumented immigrants.

President Trump regularly criticizes sanctuary cities and has frequently threatened to withhold federal funds. His fight has worsened against the sanctuary cities after February suspend the registration of New York in the Global Entry program that facilitates and accelerates the entry of reliable travelers.

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