Trump attacks pharmaceutical giants

The recount of votes (at Trump’s request) has not yet ended since Joe Biden, who was proclaimed winner of the November 03 presidential election by the US media. A victory that Donald Trump does not recognize him. The US president continues to maintain that he is the real winner of the poll claiming to have evidence of fraud. Yesterday Friday, November 20, while he was hosting a press conference, the head of the White House again loudly proclaimed that he had won the presidency, before attacking the major pharmaceutical companies.

“The big pharmaceutical companies (Big pharma) spent millions of dollars on negative ads against me during the campaign that I won, by the way. But, you know we will manage ” said the Republican billionaire. He also attacked the American laboratory Pfizer who announced last November 09, “An anti-Covid-19 vaccine 90% effective”. He criticizes the company for delaying the release of the experimental vaccine.

”You wouldn’t have a vaccine, if not thanks to me

“Pfizer and others have even decided not to evaluate the results of their vaccine; in other words, to present a vaccine only immediately after the elections ” lamented the real estate mogul who maintains that Pfizer and others were way ahead of vaccines. “You would not have a vaccine, if not thanks to me” then boasted the number 1 American. The giants of Silicon Valley were also not spared by the Republican. To believe it, they were “Against Trump”.

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