Trump attacks the British ambassador


In the 'Brexit' schism, there is no doubt on which side Donald Trump is. On the opposite that the ambassador Kim Darroch, a Europeanist who before serving to Britain in Washington did it in Brussels before the European Union. The American president would like to see him replaced by his friend Nigel Farage or at least someone more like him, as well as friends of the 'Brexit'. The play last Sunday could do it.

The select publication in 'The Mail' of the toughest diplomatic cables that Darroch has written about the US president seems to be aimed at giving arguments to the voices calling for his dismissal. Trump did not hesitate to lend a hand. "We have had our most and least with him, he has not served the United Kingdom well," he told reporters. «We are not very fond of that man».



years, since 1977, Darroch has been in the diplomatic corps, where he has served a varied ideological range.

Advice to the Government of London.

"With him it does not make sense to be subtle, he respects you more if he plants face occasionally"

Darroch is not a fan of Trump either, but in this case he seems to have fallen into a trap by responding honorably to what British National Security Adviser Mark Sedwill asked from the start, two days after the new president was sworn in. Like half the world, London saw with concern the arrival of the tycoon in power and was looking for an accurate analyst to interpret the erratic leader and help him navigate his tantrums. "It is by far our most important bilateral relationship," he warned.

Genuine interest

The 65-year-old diplomat who came to the body with a scholarship in 1977 has served a diverse ideological range, so when he refers to Trump as "clumsy", "inept" and "dysfunctional" he does not attack him, but tries to educate to your government and guide you in the difficult art of dealing with it. Beyond the headlines that have given these adjectives, mostly shared in Washington, a careful analysis of the 'cache' of diplomatic memoranda and cables that it sends reveals a genuine interest to bring to a good port the relations between both countries.

"You need to start praising him for something he has done recently," he recommended once. "When possible, you have to present something that is a victory for him." In retrospect, Theresa May's attempts to win Trump's friendship respond to this and many other advice from this diplomat who, as the British Foreign Office said in a statement, "we pay him to be honest."

Darroch also recommended frankness: "As a White House adviser has told me, with Trump it does not make sense to be subtle, much less ambiguous." The sharp diplomat understood that this president "respects you more if you occasionally face him." Of course, "as long as public comments do not come as a surprise, be judicious, calm and avoid personalizing them".

In the end none of that could replace the personal chemistry that Trump seeks and take advantage of supporters of 'brexit', such as Nigel Farage, who ask for his head. Whoever can replace May in power now has all the arguments to get rid of this uncomfortable ambassador. The British Minister of Commerce, Liam Fox, had to apologize this Monday to Ivanka Trump, with whom he had a meeting in Washington, well timed with the "malicious" leak, said Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, who has promised "severe consequences »for those responsible.



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