Trump attorney Giuliani runs hair color on his face at a press conference

On Thursday evening, Donald Trump’s lawyers spread numerous conspiracy theories about the US election. The team’s message continues to be that the Democrats cheated in the elections.

The fact that these allegations are hardly discussed in retrospect is not only due to the baselessness of the theories, for which there is no evidence: two colored stripes on Rudy Giuliani’s face attract a large amount of attention. The problem is arguably a faux pas with hair dye. Americans and the whole world laugh about Trump’s chief prosecutor on the Internet. There are some reactions here:

“When the lies run out of your ears”, comments the German comedian Oliver Kalkofe about. Another user has a tip for Giuliani: he should cut his head.

This user alludes to the fact that Rudy Giuliani is not only constantly embarrassing himself in public, but apparently lays devotedly in his faux pas.

The wrestling comparisons should of course not be missing with the hair color on the face. As dramatic as Giuliani’s conspiracy theories are in this video:

The “Make America Great Again” arguments are melting away. Similar to the wicked witch in “The Wizard of Oz”.

Not so much the hair color, but the non-corona-protective handling of Giuliani’s “Nastüechli” upset this user. The Trump attorney smeared his face in front of the world.

For some users, the picture perfectly represents Trump’s time as president. Giluani’s tactics are also ridiculed.

“Evil is seeping out”

“Oil and evil seep out of Giuliani,” tweeted Meena Harris, niece of elected Vice President Kamala Harris. “Does Trump really believe that Rudolph Giuliani will help him?” Asked the Democratic MP in the House of Representatives, Hakeem Jeffries, on Twitter.

US talk show hosts also make fun of Guiliani. “I know that could be the end of American democracy, but folks, it’s funny,” jokes Trevor Noah from “The Daily Show”. “Has his brain pissed itself off?”

“Rudy dyed his hair, but his head does not want to accept the result,” says Stephan Colbert, referring to the fact that Trump did not give up on the election result. “Isn’t it funny that everyone who always talks about fake news has the wrong head?” Asks show host Jimmy Kimmel. “In the history of crazy Rudy press conferences, this could be his masterpiece,” joked comedian Jimmy Fallon.

It is not the first time that a press conference with the Trump confidante has caused ridicule. Almost two weeks ago, a choice of location had caused confusion. Giuliani was standing in front of journalists in a parking lot of a landscaping business, located between a crematorium and a sex shop in the middle of the industrial area of ​​Philadelphia. The name of the nursery – “Four Seasons” – had also caused laughter, many had initially assumed the luxury hotel of the same name.

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