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The president criticized The New York Times, calling it “fake.” The publication reported with reference to U.S. intelligence about the proposed Russian award for the killing of the US military in Afghanistan

Donald Trump

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An article by The New York Times (NYT), in which the publication cites US intelligence on the conspiracy of Russia and members of the Taliban (banned in Russia) against the US, is the result of someone else’s order, suggested U.S. President Donald Trump. The head of state wrote about this on Twitter.

“Perhaps this is just another custom article of lime [The New York] Times, as well as their failed duck about Russia (accused of conspiracy with Russia during the 2016 presidential election. – RBC) Who is their source? ” – the president wondered.

In a separate post, Trump said that no one had informed him, nor Vice President Mike Pence, nor the head of the White House’s staff, Mark Meadows, about possible attacks by the Russian military in Afghanistan organized by Russia. “Everyone denies it, and [в Афганистане] there were not many attacks on us, ”Trump said, recalling that this information comes from anonymous sources.

Earlier, the White House also reported that Trump was not informed of a possible conspiracy of Russia and the Taliban against the US in Afghanistan.


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