Trump called the condition for the transfer of power to Biden

US President Donald Trump will hand over power to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden if the electoral college votes for him. reported Reuters citing Trump’s statement to reporters.

When asked by a journalist whether Trump would leave the White House if the electors vote for Biden, Trump replied: “Of course, I will. Of course I will. And you know that very well. ” According to him, it will be difficult for him to do this, because, in his opinion, the elections were rigged.

The presidential elections were held on November 3. The election results have not yet been officially announced. According to preliminary results published by Fox News, former Vice President Joe Biden received 306 electoral votes out of 538 possible, 270 is needed to win. Trump has 232 votes. Now Trump’s team, including his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, is trying to challenge the vote in the courts, accusing the Democrats of falsification. Earlier this week, Trump authorized the start of the transfer of power to Biden.


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