Trump campaign fined IDR 44.5 million for violating Corona Virus protocol

HENDERSON, – A Nevada company campaigning for Donald Trump inside an enclosed space, was charged fine 3.000 dollar AS (Rp.44.5 million), for violating domestic protocols regarding the corona virus.

The campaign, which was attended by thousands of people, took place on Sunday (13/9/2020) and used the facilities of Xtreme Manufacturing in Henderson, Nevada, has violated state restrictions for gatherings of 50 people or more.

Launch CNN on Tuesday (9/15/2020), thousands of participants in the campaign were not required to wear face mask and just apply a little social distancing, by the team Trump campaign.

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The city of Henderson has warned Xtreme Manufacturing that it will break the rules, if the campaign continues.

“During the event, a compliance officer observed 6 violations of the directive and the City Business Operations Division has issued a Business License Breach Notification for Xtreme Manufacturing and assessed a fine of $ 3,000,” Kathleen Richards, senior public information officer for the city of Henderson, told CNN in a statement on Monday (14/9/2020).

Richards added that the company “has 30 calendar days to respond to the notification and pay a fine or dispute the notification of infringement.”

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The indoor event occurs when death results Covid-19 close to 200,000 nationwide.

Previously, a similar indoor Trump campaign was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June, which saw a spike in coronavirus cases in the city, as well as multiple diagnoses among Trump campaign staff and Secret Service agents.

When asked generally about the Trump campaign in Nevada, and whether it would limit the number of participants, Trump’s campaign team on Saturday offered only a vague explanation of the protocol to be followed.

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“Each participant will get a temperature check before entering, be given a mask that is organized for them to wear, and a lot of hand sanitier is provided,” a campaign official told CNN.

Xtreme Manufacturing owner Don Ahern declined to comment on Monday whether he intended to refute the quote.

“My goal is to continue America’s great tradition of the right to assembly and free speech,” Ahern said Monday afternoon in a brief press conference.

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Ahern, who owns a Las Vegas hotel and equipment rental business apart from Xtreme, said he considered the campaign “no different from the thousands of people allowed to gather at gaming tables, pool parties without masks and protests across the street”.

He also noted that he was not disillusioned by the city workers who provided him with a violation notification.

“You know, they have work to do. They might be directed. So we respect everyone’s position in this situation,” Ahern said.

Hotel Ahern in Las Vegas was fined after hosting an “Evangelicals for Trump” campaign in August that exceeded state boundary rules and also violated several city health restrictions.

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